Uncover Launches AI-Driven Case Assistant for Legal Search, Q&A

Uncover, a Dutch startup focused on litigation, has launched a new AI assistant that leverages vector search and LLM technology to ‘understand the context and nuances of legal language, making it possible to execute comprehensive searches without precise keywords’, among other things.

It’s aimed at ‘analyzing vast quantities of documents’ and can retrieve information ‘based on similarity, [and by] deeply understanding legal concepts’, which they hope will significantly improve the accuracy and speed of processing information in a dispute.

Amsterdam-based Uncover, founded by Caroline Zand-Korteweg and Ingrid van de Pol-Mensing, started out with a vision to empower legal professionals to structure case files, generate timelines and summaries, conduct comprehensive document searches, and ‘foster seamless collaboration, all with a unified approach’.

With the arrival of LLM technology this goal has been turbo-charged after starting in June 2022 – see AL article about the launch.

Some of the features they are already offering include:

  • ‘Structure – The AI automatically classifies documents on content, dates them and orders them in chronological order. Keep track of what you read, your deadlines and manage key information all in one place!
  • Timeline – Quickly find out what happened with our automatically generated timeline of events. Our AI extract all relevant facts from each and every document in your case and automatically creates a detailed chronology of events.
  • Summarise – Streamline your workflow with AI-powered document summarisation, extracting key insights and essential information from lengthy legal documents in seconds, enabling you to focus on critical case details and make informed decisions faster.
  • Search – All your documents are instantly converted into searchable text, making the entire case searchable. The days of opening all your documents one-by-one and searching for that one sentence or quote you need are over.
  • Ask Uncover – Whether you need assistance with drafting legal documents, gathering evidence or explaining case law, Uncover’s AI-enabled paralegal is here to help.
  • Collaborate – Collaborate efficiently with your team and clients in one workspace throughout the entire process and reduce inconsistencies and double work.’

And now also:

  • Case Assistant – ‘ask Uncover Case Assistant in simple language and it combines vector-based search with AI to find that needle in the haystack amidst the thousands of documents. It deeply understands context and will not only get you the information, but it will also formulate an accurate precise answer or advice, based on your specific case.’

‍As you can see, when you leverage an LLM in the legal space, given the technology’s natural affinity for text, you can do a lot of things all on one platform. It also once again raises the point that eventually all legal tech products will integrate genAI in some part of their offering, or just use it as an add-on, and many now do so already. Or in this case, it will become central to the product. And that must make genAI the most rapidly adopted new tech the sector has seen for a long time in terms of product development.

‘Uncover Case Assistant is not merely a tool; it’s a new team member that works alongside our customers, enabling them to focus more on strategic aspects of the law,’ said Van de Pol-Mensing, co-CEO of Uncover.

‘This product embodies our commitment to being and remaining ahead of the innovation curve in legal technology,’ concluded Zand-Korteweg, co-CEO of Uncover.