Legal OS Becomes ‘Flank’ As Its Agentic AI Targets Wider World

After launching an AI agent tool for inhouse lawyers, Berlin-based Legal OS has decided to rebrand to become Flank, to reflect the fact that it now works across organisations’ many departments and not just in the inhouse legal group.

The newly renamed Flank’s AI agents provide 24/7 on-demand support, integrating into the existing enterprise tech stack to resolve requests from commercial teams, they explained.

‘They are endlessly scalable team members, engineered for high-stakes environments where multi-step reasoning, accuracy, and steerability are essential,’ the company added.

Co-founder, Jake Jones, told Artificial Lawyer: ‘Over the past 12 months, our AI-native product has expanded beyond legal and has been adopted by expert teams in compliance, infosec, and deal desk. As a result, we’ve rebranded to Flank. We are still legal AI, but now enabling a much more significant, much broader business impact.’

Examples of where you can get the agent to help.

In an additional statement, Jones said: ‘Flank is built on bleeding edge AI. We’ve engineered for the rapid evolution in frontier models.’

Technically, Flank uses AI agentic frameworks to ‘enable it to reason’ they said, rather than simply retrieve. This leads to highly accurate resolutions, with Flank boasting a 93% resolution accuracy. This compares to Claude 3 Opus (63%) and OpenAI’s ‘GPTs’ (45%), they claimed.

Flank also stressed that they could ensure accuracy better than other similar tools because ‘rather than providing agents with an entire wiki to run over (which negatively impacts accuracy and latency), Flank agents have knowledge grounding that is synthesised from users’ messaging apps, wikis, and email history.’

Flank’s evolution marks a significant progression in the AI market, and poses a direct challenge to incumbent RAG solutions that cater to simpler use cases, they stressed. I.e. rather than try and prove accuracy by checking results against a large general database, they’re comparing the results to more narrow responses already in the company’s communications to such queries.

Lilian Breidenbach, CEO of Flank, concluded: ‘Every year, businesses spend billions on process optimization, yet the main source of operational drag is overlooked: expert teams like legal, compliance, and finance, spend over half their time unblocking commercial teams. This shouldn’t be normal.’

The company added that their agents have now helped companies with many 1,000s of requests already.

Sounds like this AI thing might just be catching on at last…… 😉