CLM Evisort Integrates with Microsoft Copilot

Evisort, the AI-driven CLM pioneer, has announced today it has been selected as one of just 30 strategic partners chosen by Microsoft to demonstrate ‘an advanced integration with Microsoft Copilot and Teams’. It is the only contract management platform ‘with a proprietary, contract-specific LLM’ to be selected for this elite program with Microsoft, they added.

Evisort and Microsoft have had a close relationship since 2019, when the tech giant led an investment into the CLM company. The news comes as iManage has also announced an integration with Copilot.

This latest move is seen as part of Microsoft’s plan to expand its strategic partner ecosystem as a key component of its Copilot growth aims. The move also comes after Evisort formed a partnership together with Icertis – see AL story and interview.

Evisort’s integration will empower users to ‘instantly and securely access critical information from their contracts from right within Copilot’, they said. This will help ‘to inform decision making and drive improved business outcomes’.

The integration will surface deep contract insights and enable workflows in conjunction with other Microsoft products, like SharePoint and Dynamics, to accelerate the drafting and negotiation of agreements.

The planned integration reflects Evisort’s belief that the future of software is being dramatically changed by AI and its unparalleled ability to deliver user-centric innovation, they added.

Jerry Ting, CEO of Evisort, said: ‘We are excited to collaborate with Microsoft to demonstrate how our technology can enhance productivity and streamline contract management for organizations worldwide.

‘We think AI is going to completely change how legal and contract professionals manage contracts, and the best user experience is one that meets users in the systems where they work.’

Interesting times.