Harvey Partners With France’s Mistral AI

Harvey, the legal genAI company that has made a big impact very quickly – and has a close relationship with OpenAI – has formed a new partnership with rival LLM developer, France’s Mistral AI.

In a statement by Harvey’s Winston Weinberg and Gabriel Pereyra, they said:

Mistral AI, founded by Arthur Mensch, Guillaume Lample and Timothée Lacroix, has developed incredible open source and commercial frontier models. As we learned more about their vision we found that their passion for performance, transparency, and efficiency reflected the needs of many of our customers, as well as their commitment to portability and customisation.

At Harvey, our mission has always been to give lawyers superpowers. To do so, we have built a trusted platform used by law firms and enterprises to safely and accurately leverage generative AI in their workflows. For many of our customers, performance alone is not enough. Deploying generative AI in highly regulated industries requires extreme levels of security and transparency. Our partnership with Mistral AI will accelerate our ability to support our customers with their most sensitive matters.

Together, we hope to support our clients as they navigate the rapidly evolving landscape that is generative AI. We believe that more partnerships, more transparency, and ultimately more trust is the only path forward given the complexity of the times ahead. We are honored to partner with Mistral AI.’

The move is a surprise, but makes sense given that the company recently said they were looking to expand into France, after picking up clients in the US, UK and a raft of other international markets.

One particular aspect they underline is about ‘generative AI in highly regulated industries requires extreme levels of security and transparency’ – suggesting they believe that Mistral AI’s capabilities will help them there.

And, Mistral AI, unlike some companies is all in favour of an open source approach, which makes its commercial model somewhat different to OpenAI.


And in the last part of the statement, they add they expect more partnerships. Watch this space!

P.S. Harvey will be taking part in the Legal Innovators California conference on June 4 and 5 in San Francisco.

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