Juralio Partners With Ex-EY Eric Eck For European Growth

Juralio, the legal matter mapping and budgeting platform, has formed a partnership with Guirbaden, an advisory outfit created by Eric Eck, who was previously with Big Four firm EY where he worked as EMEIA Tech and Transformation Law Solutions Lead. He left EY this Spring.

Juralio, based in the UK, helps law firms, legal departments and others to plan, budget and execute legal matters much more simply and efficiently, including capturing learning from one matter to the next. Meanwhile Eck is based in Switzerland and has worked in a variety of legal tech roles.

Together they will focus on:

– A Product Roadmap: Guirbaden will work closely with Juralio’s product development team to ensure that continental European market needs and expectations are properly met.

– Go To Market Campaign: Guirbaden’s deep understanding of continental European markets combined with Juralio’s software and deep knowledge of legal work allow us to offer lawyers, clients and everyone else involved in legal work better ways of planning and budgeting legal work then executing it and improving how it is done.

– Solution Implementations: Guirbaden will work with customers on implementing Juralio’s solution in continental Europe. This includes embedding the software within the customer’s operations to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance. This will guarantee that customers experience the full potential of Juralio, meeting their specific needs.

Graeme Johnston, Co-Founder and CEO at Juralio, said: ‘We are really looking forward to collaborating with Guirbaden. I’ve known Eric Eck for several years now and greatly respect his experience in this area. It would be all too easy for us to focus just on the needs of the UK and common law jurisdictions but I’m convinced that the time is right to expand our focus to continental Europe. We’re aligned with Guirbaden in how we see Juralio’s relevance and look forward to delivering highly relevant solutions together.’

Eric Eck, Principal & Founder at Guirbaden, added: ‘This partnership with Juralio gives us a strategic opportunity to apply our professional services expertise in a way that helps customers and Juralio alike. Guirbaden’s vision is to digitise the entire legal ecosystem. With Juralio, we are at the heart of the collaborative experience the business law world needs to operate at its best – fair and non-aggressive sale and purchase of legal services is the way, and Juralio can contribute significantly to this. Law is not a zero-sum game. We are excited to be working together at last.’

Good luck to them as they climb every (legal tech) mountain!