GenAI + Legal Training – With Dr. Megan Ma, CodeX

Ahead of the Legal Innovators California conference on June 4 and 5, Artificial Lawyer spoke to Dr. Megan Ma, Associate Director at CodeX within Stanford Law School, about how she and her colleagues are exploring how genAI can be used to help with legal education and lawyer training.

In this AL TV video we also consider the wider impact of genAI on the law and why Dr Ma is looking forward to taking part in the two-day conference in San Francisco next week, (more info below on the conference).

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AL TV Productions, 2024.

If this subject is of interest – and if you work in the legal field it’s arguably going to be vital to the future development of the profession – then come along to the Legal Innovators California conference on June 4 and 5 in San Francisco to learn more. Tickets are available now.

Legal Innovators California conference, June 4 + 5 

The event will take place in San Francisco with Day One focused on law firms, and Day Two on inhouse and legal ops. We have many great speakers, including Dr Ma, along with a group of pioneering legal tech companies and service providers – you can see some more about our speakers here. It will be two great days of education and inspiration! Join us! 

For ticket information, please see here. Come along to what will be a great event in San Francisco focused on how the legal world is changing.