Screens Doc Review Marketplace Launches AI-Powered ‘Boosts’

Screens, a marketplace for contract review created by the team behind TermScout, has formally launched ‘Boosts’, which are custom AI functions that automate tasks when reviewing contracts in Microsoft Word.

But first, what is Screens? In short, it’s a contract AI platform that features community playbooks created by legal experts to help you with your own contract review. I.e. other people have designed approaches to how you may want to review a document, based on their own experience and/or company standards, and you can access these ‘screens’, which you can then apply to contracts you wish to consider. And of course, you can also just build your own.

This new feature adds specific capabilities called ‘Boosts’, which are available to use as operations via the Screens Word add-in. These include:

  • ‘Re-draft: Use AI to generate redlines for selected text based on your specific instructions, giving you control over the customization.
  • Summarize: Transform dense legal jargon into clear, actionable insights, making your contracts accessible and comprehensible to all stakeholders.
  • Make Mutual: Quickly redline selected text to ensure rights and obligations are mutual for all parties involved.
  • Shorten: Redline selected text to streamline and simplify complex clauses, making your contracts easier to understand without losing material meaning.
  • Clarify: Eliminate unclear language by redlining selected text to remove ambiguities, ensuring clarity in every clause.
  • Qualify: Soften rights and obligations with qualifying language by redlining selected text, adding necessary precision to your documents.
  • Defined Term Glossary: Instantly identify and review defined terms within your document or selected text, ensuring nothing is overlooked.
  • Negotiate: Select a party to negotiate on behalf of and let AI redline the selected text to favour that party, making negotiation a breeze.’

Otto Hanson, founder and CEO of the company, added: ‘Contract review has long been a laborious and time-intensive process, often leading to oversights and inconsistencies. With Boosts, we are not just automating tedious tasks, we are making contract review and negotiation more intuitive, accurate, and enjoyable for legal professionals.’

So, there you go, the field of doc review – which has been so thoroughly explored by legal tech companies – continues to see innovation.