Get Ready For Legal Innovators UK – London, Nov 6 + 7 !

After a tremendous event in California this June, we are now preparing for Legal Innovators UK, which will be held over two days in London on November 6th and 7th. As always, we will be super-focused on the cutting edge of legal tech and innovation – and there will be so much to see and hear!

This is what Legal Innovators is all about: the people and companies driving things forward and exploring new territory, building products and developing approaches that make a real difference. In short it’s an event where we bring together those who are shaping the fabric of our legal world. Hence the name: Legal Innovators!

It’s also the conference where those building this future through their hard work in the present come to learn, share and network. So, whether you wish primarily to learn, or have tons of ideas and innovations to share, or just want to meet peers and connect with old friends and make some new ones – or do some of each – then this is the event for you.

As is customary for this conference – now our fifth event held in London – Day One will focus on law firms, and Day Two will focus on inhouse and legal ops, with ALSPs fitting into both. Also customary will be a focus on what is really happening in our sector by bringing together the leading thinkers, the most pioneering products, and the most innovative lawyers and tech teams.

In terms of themes, generative AI will naturally be front and centre. This is because the impact of genAI just keeps on expanding. It is a chain reaction moving through the legal sector, with much more to come. Moreover, the event will take place just two years after the arrival of ChatGPT, which since then has triggered so much change – and it will be fascinating to see how far we have come and what that says about where we are going next.

Since the start of the legal genAI era we have seen a range of new legal tech startups come into existence – and as with California we will be holding special sessions each day for new companies in our Startup Gallery.

We also have seen established companies rapidly adapt to this new approach to AI, and there will be plenty of legal tech scale-ups and many others attending that will be sharing their insights and showing what their latest products can do.

Meanwhile, law firms and inhouse teams have seen what they can achieve with this technology. For some it’s already had a significant impact, for others it’s just the beginning of the journey. But, all involved have insights to share and questions they’d like answered – and that is what Legal Innovators is for: to bring together the leaders, the pioneers, those who are asking big questions. In short, the people and firms and inhouse teams who are experimenting, who are implementing, who are building or are planning to.

And there will be so much more to explore: the evolution of legal ops; new business models and the world of ALSPs – both those connected to law firms and independent; the changing demands on legal innovation teams; and much more. There will be more updates over the next four months before the event in November.

So, if you want to be at the intersection of legal innovation’s cutting edge and the people, firms, and companies leading it, then Legal Innovators UK – London, Nov 6 + 7, is the event for you.

If you would like to be a speaker, sponsor, or get more information, then please email conference organisers Cosmonauts at this address:

Plus, if you would like to secure your Early Bird ticket now at a special rate before regular pricing begins, please see the Ticket page here.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Richard Tromans, Founder Artificial Lawyer and Conference Chair