AI Podcast: A New Beginning for Lawyers? AI and the Law

Hello legal AI friends, here is something a bit different: our first AI Podcast. It features Fredrik Svärd, Editor of in Sweden and myself, Richard Tromans, Editor of this site, Artificial Lawyer.

screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-17-34-14This inaugural discussion covers several of the big questions about AI and the law to help set the scene. In the future we’ll get more into the detail of specific questions about different uses for legal AI and much, much more. If there is a particular topic you’d like us to discuss related to legal tech and AI then please drop us a line.

It’s our first attempt at doing this and we hope you enjoy our ramblings. We’d also be really interested in doing a podcast with you if you’d like to join in.

It’s about 54 minutes long. The intro bit at the start goes to about 6 min in, then after that it’s pure legal AI.