Taylor Wessing Joins With France's Predictice to Calculate Litigation Outcomes

Today seems to be a very French day for legal tech news. Here is a second story about French legal tech in the shape of Predictice, which is a French start-up working in the field of litigation analytics and case outcome prediction.

screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-08-20-00Predictice has teamed up with the Paris office of UK law firm, Taylor Wessing, to explore what the legal tech company’s software can do, which has several aspects to it, such as intelligent search of case law and the utilisation of machine learning. However, probably the key area of interest to most lawyers is its ability to predict the outcome of litigation:

‘In one click, the Predictice algorithm calculates the probabilities of resolution [of the dispute] and the [likely] amount of compensation. It also helps lawyers to find the best legal arguments to defend their case.’

screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-08-20-44Gilles Amsallem, Managing Partner of the Paris office of Taylor Wessing, said: ‘We are proud to participate in the launch of a legal tech initiative such as Predictice, whose ambition corresponds in all respects to the firm’s entrepreneurial and innovative values.’

But, Taylor Wessing is not the first law firm to team up with Predictice. In October this year, Dentons also announced a link up with the French legal tech company.

At the time Marie Bernard, Europe Director of Innovation at Dentons and Strategic Advisor at Nextlaw Labs said: ‘In addition to beta-testing innovative products developed by our legal tech venture development platform Nextlaw Labs, we seek to engage our lawyers in meaningful pilots to assess what’s out there in terms of legal technology.’

‘Predictability is one of the many fields we are committed to exploring. Predictice suggested a sensible approach and our feedback so far is really positive. It’s a good match which enables us to understand predictive technology better, and to consider our adoption options early on.’

Also at the time, Louis-Larret Chahine, co-founder of Predictice added: ‘Dentons’ Paris office has been very helpful to us in building a predictive solution that fits lawyers’ daily work. Legal tech and law firms must collaborate to develop the next innovation in legal practice. It is a challenge that Predictice is glad to face in cooperation with the world’s largest law firm.’

If you fancy a go at the original French announcement by Taylor Wessing please see below. Great to see so much innovation coming from the City of Light (La Ville Lumière).

Taylor Wessing et Predictice lancent un partenariat de co-innovation afin de développer une solution technologique de justice prédictive

La start-up française Predictice annonce, aux côtés du cabinet d’avocats Taylor Wessing, le lancement d’une plateforme d’aide à la décision dédiée aux professionnels du droit, intégrant des outils d’analyse prédictive concrets et stratégiques.

screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-08-15-30En s’appuyant sur une analyse de l’ensemble des décisions des juridictions françaises appliquée aux données concrètes d’un différend, Predictice en calcule les probabilités de succès et guide l’utilisateur dans son optimisation.

Grâce à ce partenariat, Predictice bénéficie de l’expertise et du retour des avocats du bureau français de Taylor Wessing. Le cabinet d’affaires, quant à lui, profite des dernières innovations de l’outil et bénéficie de la possibilité de le faire évoluer conformément à sa pratique.

Thomas Baduel, Président de Predictice indique: ‘L’expertise de l’équipe pilote de Taylor Wessing est une aide précieuse dans le développement d’une solution permettant d’accroître la plus-value stratégique des avocats, tout en diminuant le temps de recherche des ressources juridiques.’

Gilles Amsallem, Managing Partner du bureau parisien de Taylor Wessing déclare : ‘Nous sommes fiers de participer au lancement d’une legalTech telle que Predictice, dont l’ambition correspond en tous points aux valeurs entreprenariales et d’innovation du cabinet.’