Litigation Prediction Startup 'Predictice' Pilots with Lille Bar in European First

French litigation prediction start-up, Predictice, has signed up the Lille Bar Association [L’Ordre des avocats de Lilleas a partner for a pilot of its technology, the first Bar in France to do so and also, it is understood, the first Bar in Europe to make such a step with a machine learning prediction system.

The French company, which includes Dentons and Taylor Wessing among the law firms piloting its system, will now work with the Lille Bar to test out the software, which analyses past litigation case data in order to give lawyers insight into their current cases.

To quote the company: (by way of Google translate) ‘Predictice is a legal research and analysis platform that uses the best of technology (machine learning, big data, collaborative intelligence) for the performance of legal professionals.’

‘The solution provides access to case law and legal texts via a single search bar, in natural language. With one click, the Predictice algorithm calculates the probabilities of resolution of a dispute, the amount of compensation and identifies the most influential elements on the judicial decision.’

Possibly the closest move by another legal tech group in Europe to this was the experiment conducted in the ECHR last year to see whether AI technology could help predict whether an appeal to the human rights court would meet its criteria.

[ For a link to the announcement the company made see here, in French.]

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  1. This is a good example of an area where machines have a significant advantage over even the most experienced Counsel. Like IBM’s Watson and its use in analysing skin lesions to diagnose melanoma, the ability for a machine to study vast amounts of historic data and use it to predict a likely outcome in the future far outweighs the capacity of any living individual. I expect that there will be many more examples of this to come

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