DoNotPay Founder Launches Refugee Legal Bot

Joshua Browder the founder of the now world famous legal bot, DoNotPay, that overturns parking tickets, has launched a new bot that will help refugees with their asylum claims.

In an interview with Artificial Lawyer, Browder, who is a student in California’s Stanford University, said that the bot would help refugees apply for asylum in the UK, US and Canada.

He added that the project, which had been a long term aim after first launching the DoNotPay legal bot in 2015, would go live later today (6 March).

Interestingly, the legal bot is using Facebook Messenger’s chat bot system, which it is hoped will also help the bot to be accessed by most people who need it, given the wide adoption on smartphones of Facebook apps.

On this point, Browder told Artificial Lawyer: ‘The advantages of Facebook are that it is widely accessible, easily understood and takes away a lot of the hassles of designing a UI. However it is a corporate platform and doesn’t have automatic end to end encryption.’