Nextlaw Labs Picks 20 Start-ups to Travel to Legal Geek Event

Nextlaw Labs, the tech development company of global law firm Dentons, has announced the 20 legal tech start-ups it will fund to attend the Legal Geek Conference in London, 17th October.

While the travel grants to London for the lucky 20 start-ups do not guarantee any future investment from Nextlaw Labs, the award provides them with some kudos in that they have been picked out of a line up of 48 start-ups from across Europe.

The grants were awarded following a competitive pitch process conducted during a road trip last month organised by Legal Geek founder, Jimmy Vestbirk (pictured above left). The trip, organised in partnership with Nextlaw Labs, visited European legal tech hubs including: Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels and Paris, then culminated in London at the offices of Thomson Reuters.

Vestbirk said: ‘Many congratulations to the 20 startups selected. To have such an exciting group of European LawTech startups present at the conference will add an extra dimension to this year’s event.’

CEO of Nextlaw Labs Dan Jansen added: ‘Following a truly epic road trip, we are excited to see the next generation of the most innovative legal tech companies join us in London.’

The 20 start-ups that have been chosen are listed below. As can be seen, they cover a wide range of legal tech use cases, from a lawyer market place to a time tracking application, with at least four of the start-ups making use of natural language processing and machine learning.


Visual Contracts Community bringing designers and legal professionals together to make legal concepts more easily accessible
Nalytics Search, discovery & analysis powered by AI.
TIQ Tracking time in one minute a day, without forgetting billable hours’, including phone calls, email tracking, searches etc.
Appjection Free app for individuals to object against unfair traffic fines
Clocktimizer Data-driven decisions support sulutions for pricing and projects
CommonAccord Open source hub to create blockchain codes suporting the automation of legal documents
Stream Law Communication tool to get away from emails (such as Slack)
rfrnz Contract Analysis tool
Contract Mill Contract automation tool
Law Box Legal documents drafted and edited online by legal professionals AI powered solution to make legal research in the Belgian regulations, contract and risk analysis enabled
Online Solution Attorney Online consultations with legal professionals
Deep Block API and external ledger to bring smart contracts/blockchain tech into the processes
SYK Share Your Knowledge Community/platform to help lawyers ask specifics questions and get answered by the community
SoftLaw Contract Analysis tool
LegalSoba Legal documents drafted and edited online by legal professionals for the African market
Le Droit Pour Moi Online legal services and educational materials/videos
Callalawyer App to connect in real time individuals with lawyers
Mes Droits Mon Avocat Legal marketplace
eJust Online litigation services