Kira Systems Launches Upgraded API to Broaden Use of Its Legal AI Tech

Kira Systems has released an upgraded API that will allow clients to make broader use of the company’s legal AI document analysis capability. The news follows the launch of its integration in June with HighQ‘s collaborative legal data platform.

The Canadian company said that the upgraded API allows law firms and other clients, for example corporates or alternative legal service providers, to tailor Kira to their workflow needs and more fully integrate the AI doc review tool with other software tools they may already use.

Kira added that the upgraded API is being released in response to client demands for more flexibility to embed Kira into their day-to-day operations. During its Beta phase, clients have used the Kira API in a number of ways that included: building intranet dashboards to report on Kira activity; exporting metadata from contracts into other systems for document assembly; and integration to expert systems like Neota Logic that support additional document processing activities.

Jonathan Talbot, Director of IT Enterprise Systems at DLA Piper and a user of the system, said: ‘Kira has become a core technology in the corporate practice at DLA Piper globally, with hundreds of users having completed hundreds of projects over the past year. We are excited about the API improvements and look forward to integrating Kira even more deeply into our transactional practices.’

Alex Hudek, Kira System’s CTO and Co-Founder, added: ‘Kira Systems believes in supporting the changing technical and business needs of our customers. This API release will enhance the experience of Kira’s rapidly growing user community by empowering the technical teams that support them to build out new workflows and integrations with their existing IT environment.’

Kira also noted that it is now being used by more than 200 clients around the world, further indication of just how far legal AI technology has been adopted already.