LPO Cenza Joins Kira Systems’ Certification Programme

US and India-based LPO Cenza has announced that it has joined Kira Systems’ Certified Service Provider network. It joins a host of other providers including professional services firms Deloitte and Mainspring Consulting Group, as well as alternative legal services providers (ALSPs) Axiom, Cognia Law and Elevate.

The move underlines the growing importance of AI doc review technology to LPOs and ALSPs as they seek to increase productivity and efficiency in the review work they conduct for clients.

The growth of LPO and ALSP use of AI doc review also creates some interesting tensions with law firms that are also offering clients similar machine learning/NLP review services, for example as part of an M&A transaction. In some cases this will put LPO-led AI review in competition with law firms conducting similar work. Though, in other scenarios, law firms and LPOs/ALSPs may find a way to work collaboratively to reach the best solution.

But, this trend does raise the question: which type of legal services organisation is best placed to make use of AI doc review, especially for large scale, process-heavy review work? Moreover, it also raises questions of where client spend on doc review will go. Will it increasingly move toward LPOs/ALSPs as they increase their use of AI? Or will law firms manage to retain the AI review work internally, along with the more valuable advisory work?

In a statement Cenza said membership of the certification and training programme ‘will improve [our] delivery of legal services and give rise to new technology-enabled services not previously available’.

It added that it will now ‘be able to combine Kira’s expertise in machine learning technology with its specialist knowledge of contract review to deliver faster and more accurate contract review services to its clients’.

The LPO noted that providing AI doc review services made particular sense where the end client, for example a large bank or corporate, did not want to develop its own internal AI doc review capability.

Noah Waisberg, CEO of Kira Systems, said: ‘We are really excited to expand our network of Kira Certified Service Providers. We believe that in many cases the needs of corporates are best served directly through a service provider, but that shouldn’t mean they don’t get to have the benefits of AI too.’

While, Ron Friedmann, Senior Advisor Client Relations and Strategy at Cenza, added: ‘[This use of AI] lets our team focus more on interpretation, exception processing, quality control, and managing rights and obligations.’

Cenza is a long-established LPO and works with law firms, banks, corporate law departments and financial services clients in the U.K., U.S., Canada and Australia.