Artificial Lawyer Meets Joshua Browder of DoNotPay

Artificial Lawyer caught up with legaltech and access to justice pioneer, Joshua Browder of DoNotPay fresh back in the UK from Stanford University in California where he is now in his second year of a computer science degree – while also being probably the world’s most famous proponent of legaltech-driven justice and scourge of misbehaving global companies such as Equifax.

Browder (pictured above left) and his efforts to widen access to justice have been covered frequently here, but any interviews have always taken place electronically. So, it’s great now to finally meet Browder, a fellow North Londoner, in Angel, Islington.

We discussed how things are going (the answer is well, especially after securing more than $1m in venture capital funding), how the Equifax claims tool has done and what’s next, to which the answer is the impending launch of a major new platform with a strong focus on consumer and A2J support, covering issues such as divorce/family law and consumer rights.

First there is a short video interview, followed by a slightly longer podcast. Enjoy.

And now for the podcast, done on the same North London park bench.

 [Both video and audio productions are (c) Artificial Lawyer, November, 2017.]