Neota Logic Launches Major Data Analysis and Automation Tools Update

Amid all the other news and robot fights that went down in New York this week, a gem of a news release from Neota Logic appears to have been hidden….but it’s a great one and worth reading in detail.

Simply put, the AI and expert systems company has created a range of improvements to the Neota Logic platform that perhaps taken in isolation don’t seem life-changing, but when looked at in terms of the bigger picture of process automation inside law firms and leveraging legal data to create new value, are exactly what the market needs right now. So, kudos for that.

The new version of the company’s software, ‘Neota Logic 9’, also has an increased focus on user friendly design and adaptability – and it’s the last bit, the chance to take customisation to the next level – that really seems to be important.

The ability for firms to create what they want, from the great AI and legal data tools on the market, will be crucial to the New Wave of legal tech having an impact.

Buying perfect off the peg systems is great in theory, but the law is a messy field, full of extreme variation and inconsistencies in the data. Having the ability for users to adapt AI and automation tools to this complex environment is therefore very useful.

So, what’s it all about? Well, here is what the company said about the changes that Neota Logic 9 delivers to legal sector users:

  • Neota Data Manager (NDM) – Clients can build Neota Logic apps centered on Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL databases without knowing SQL, writing code, or calling on programmers or database administrators.
  • Data Analytics – NDM data can be displayed in multiple dashboards as data grids, charts, and statistical analyses of many kinds. Customized dashboards can be created in minutes.
  • Workflows – Neota Logic apps can instantiate and manage business processes from simple approvals to complex escalations and e-signatures. Progress is tracked and metrics are gathered in data grid and chart views.
  • User Experience – All tools (apps, dashboards, workflows) are presented in a new Workbench with a modern HTML5 user interface that runs equally well on desktops and portable devices.
  • Document Automation – A new Microsoft Word Toolbar simplifies creation of templates for complex logic-driven contracts and other documents.
  • Payments – Neota Logic applications can collect payment by credit card at any point in the process, with a range of pricing methods.

Lots of customisation here, from building your own Neota expert apps, to building dashboards for legal data analysis, to legal process automation, to document automation. In fact, this is about seven product launches/updates all in one.

Michael Mills, Neota Logic

Artificial Lawyer has to add that the payments system is also a great idea, especially when law firms start to create subscription platforms for their expert knowledge services, which clients can then engage with via a firm’s website, or client portal.

In fact, it’s fair to say Neota has now moved a long way from being just an ‘expert systems’ business into something more of a ‘intelligent legal data and automation multi-tool’.

Commenting on the developments, Michael Mills, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of Neota Logic, said: ‘Our central theme in Neota Logic 9 is data, big, small, and medium-sized. We’re giving clients the ability to exploit with easy-to-use tools all the fine-grained data that Neota Logic apps gather and create – facts, conclusions, recommendations, risk scores, documents, and so on.’

‘[Our] key goal [is]: enabling our clients to do ‘more for less,’ he added.

Great stuff! Now we have to get all the law firms engaged and using this across all their practices.