Global Legal Hackathon Podcast – The Countdown Begins

The Global Legal Hackathon (GLH), organised by Aileen Schultz, and David Fisher, who is also founder of Integra Ledger the legal blockchain company, is now counting down the days to its launch on the 23rd of February and Artificial Lawyer is marking the occasion with a special Podcast (see below). 

As readers will know, the GLH is hoping to be the largest hackathon ever held, but even if it doesn’t manage to reach this target it will still be a huge, global event, with teams taking part all around the world, from Kenya to San Francisco to Sao Paolo and from Wales to Sweden to Singapore.

Firms such as Pinsent Masons and Orrick are taking part, while tech companies such as IBM and Microsoft are also joining in….and in fact, there are so many great groups getting involved it’s impossible to name them all here, though here is a recent list of some.

In this podcast, Artificial Lawyer’s founder Richard Tromans, and founder of legal strategy and innovation consultancy Tromans Consulting, along with fellow legal tech media founder, Fred Svärd of, talk to Aileen and David, who explained how we got here, what’s happening now and what hackers should expect when the GLH all begins. Enjoy.

(Approx. 31 mins audio.)

And, a final note: there are meetings taking place all over the world, so if you’d like to find the group nearest to you please check out the main site: for more information.

While, if you are based in London, Artificial Lawyer’s home town, then please come along to Pinsent Masons’ offices to join in the fun and legal tech creativity in two weeks’ time. If you’d like to know more, please check it out here: There are still places available and time to get involved, both in London and the dozens of other centres around the world.

Good luck to all the teams taking part! It’s going to be massive.

[ Special thanks to Fred for organising the podcast and its post-production! ]