Artificial Lawyer Opens Legal Tech Jobs

Artificial Lawyer is excited to announce the launch of a dedicated Legal Tech Jobs section, accessible through this site’s main page.

The world of legal tech and innovation is growing rapidly. Law firms, corporates, start-ups and tech-led access to justice (A2J) initiatives are looking for talent. Moreover, the search for this talent is global, because the New Wave of legal tech and the law firms and corporates that are part of this operate, and are based, all over the world.

The challenge that this nascent industry has faced is that there has been no single place to bring all these roles together. But, now there is an answer: Artificial Lawyer Jobs.

And, importantly, legal tech start-ups and A2J projects can place adverts here completely free. However, the Jobs page is for everyone seeking talent in this area and all are invited to post jobs, including law firms and inhouse legal operations teams.

The ‘JOBS‘ button on the main navigation bar (see image below) will take you through to the main Jobs page, which lists roles according to key categories.

For example, there are categories for:

  • Customer Success, Marketing + Sales
  • Programming + Software Development
  • Project Management, Service Delivery + Innovation Roles

The format for adverts should normally follow the standard pattern seen in the example below:

As you’ll see, the job adverts are kept short and snappy with the goal of driving candidates to contact employers. If you want candidates to see more details first, you are welcome to add a link to other hosted information.

Either way, the key thing is that Artificial Lawyer’s global audience of highly engaged readers, across all parts of the legal tech world, will have a chance to read your advert and respond to it. 

So, there you go, Artificial Lawyer hopes that this provides a useful resource for employers, future employees and the legal tech community as a whole. Good luck to everyone and here’s hoping you land your dream job!

If you’d like to know more or place a job advert, please contact the Founder, Richard Tromans at