Legal AI Pioneer, Seal Software, Named ‘Cool Vendor 2018’ by Gartner

US-based legal AI pioneer, Seal Software, has been named a ‘Cool Vendor’ for 2018 by influential global research company Gartner.

Last year, another pioneering legal AI company, Neota Logic, was also named as a cool vendor by Gartner, an accolade that is much-valued by companies of all types around the world. And, in 2016, another top legal AI company, Kira Systems, was also named as a cool vendor.

The title was given via a Gartner report that evaluates ‘interesting, new and innovative vendors in the content services market’.

Ulf Zetterberg, co-founder and CEO of Seal Software, said: ‘It is an honour to be named a Gartner Cool Vendor. As the world’s largest research and advisory firm Gartner is highly respected for its razor sharp anaylsis and advice, so it is extremely pleasing for Seal to be recognized in this report.’

‘Many G2000 organizations have seen significant benefit from implementing our contract analytics software to improve their understanding of their contractual liabilities and opportunities. Content analytics will take this further by allowing more of the 80% of data that is not structured in organizations to be analysed and actionable insight derived from it,’ he added.

The report by Gartner added that ‘AI, analytics and machine learning have improved content contextualization across disparate sources, streamlining compliance and simplifying governance’.

The research team that wrote the report also stated that: ‘Application leaders seeking to render business value from content as part of a digital workplace programme should:

· Alleviate laborious content governance efforts by leveraging AI-powered content compliance applications to enhance or even automate governance across multiple repositories.
· Seek measured improvement to workforce productivity through the more-effective use of metadata, to find, synthesize and derive value from digitized content in digital business initiatives.
· Unify and extend existing content services platforms virtually with new microservices by using out-of-the-box, multirepository-supported connectors, including publicly available APIs for application integration.’

And, who could argue with that? In any case, congratulations to Seal Software on the accolade.