UK Law Firm Wiggin Raises $21m Investment for Its AI-Driven IP Tool

Media, technology and IP law firm Wiggin has announced that INCOPRO, a machine learning brand and IP protection business that the firm co-founded, has raised $21m from leading growth equity investor, Highland Europe.

INCOPRO, whose clients include Reckitt Benckiser, NBC Universal, BBC Studios and Harley-Davidson, is one of several peripheral businesses set up by partners from the UK law firm Wiggin where it saw a crossover between its legal expertise in its niche areas and other related services, in this case using NLP and machine learning tech to power an IP tool that would help companies clamp down on piracy and brand abuse.

The firm said the company will use the investment to accelerate the development of its Talisman online brand protection technology to help businesses safeguard their brands from counterfeit and piracy threats online. INCOPRO will also expand its existing operations in China, as well as strengthen its presence in the United States and Europe to provide a global threat coverage to its clients.

Talisman monitors IP infringements by scouring the web in real time using machine learning technology, pulling in data from major platforms ranging from online marketplaces and social media through to websites and app stores.

Using the automated system allows for the removal of each identified infringement within eight to 24 hours, with a 99% success rate, said the firm.

Simon Baggs, Wiggin partner and INCOPRO CEO said: ‘We are fortunate to work for many household name brands and we’re excited about the opportunity this investment provides to further INCOPRO’s growth.’

John Banister, CEO of Wiggin said: ‘The establishment and growth of INCOPRO highlights the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit at the heart of Wiggin. The willingness to do things differently helps us offer the best service for clients; our sector focus allows us to identify ways to support and enhance our clients’ businesses.’