Bot-Maker LawDroid Launches New Voice App, Links with Clio

Pioneering legal bot-maker, LawDroid, has launched a new voice-activated functionality in a joint venture with US attorney Patrick Palace, that is designed to integrate exclusively with Clio’s practice management software.

The new system will offer lawyers the ability to use voice commands to:

  • Dictate notes, schedule appointments, and create tasks
  • Have LawDroid Voice read out to you your schedule for the day
  • Populate data into Clio to eliminate data entry duplication.

The project builds on LawDroid’s three main wholly automated bot offerings, which cover a reception bot, a paralegal bot and a legal health check bot, which allows consumers to ask key legal questions on a certain matter, e.g. personal injury claims. This latter bot example has also been built for Palace and his law firm, which has been called the PatBot by the firm.

‘Naturally, with the popularization of voice assistants, like Alexa and Siri, Patrick and I decided to work together to develop a secure and practical voice assistant for law firms. Alexa has had well documented security and privacy issues so it just made sense to create a bespoke solution for the legal industry that factored in its unique security and confidentiality requirements,‘ said Tom Martin, founder of LawDroid.

Artificial Lawyer asked Martin a bit more.

Why is voice important in legal?

Although the app and cloud revolution has helped to eliminate the necessity of expensive hardware, software and dedicated IT personnel, it has resulted in hundreds of different user interfaces and data silos that make it harder for professionals to get the information they need and to collaborate meaningfully. Voice cuts across these silos and unifies access through a conversational interface. In short, it helps professionals get things done faster and more easily.

Voice is important in legal in the same way it is useful in other industries: it makes it easier for professionals to be efficient and productive.

How have lawyers been responding to the bots you have developed? 

The response to the bots I have developed has been very positive. ReceptionBot especially has been very successful in helping lawyers gain more leads with the same marketing spend by immediately engaging website visitors and converting them into leads. One client converted an average of two additional leads a day with our system.

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