Smart Contract Pioneer Monax Launches Private Beta Platform

Monax, one of a handful of smart contract pioneers focused on the legal sector, has announced the private beta launch of its Monax Platform.

The Monax Platform is a ‘collaborative workspace for businesses, legal and tech professionals, complete with market-ready smart contract templates available for individual or commercial use‘.

Or, in other words Monax is almost ready to fully go to market with its own smart contract templates platform aimed at lawyers who want to tap the technology – which is good news for law firms wanting to explore this area.

Generally these private betas are usually the final stage before going out to the public market, which also signals that rival smart contract pioneers Clause and OpenLaw face more competition now.

The Monax Platform consists of two elements, said the company

  • the Monax Deal Space – which allows users to delegate and coordinate team tasks, automate repetitive tasks, track the state of development of contractual obligations, perform audits on legal obligations, and access quality legal products that suit a variety of needs.
  • and, the Monax Legal Products Studio – which allows users to create, test and market their work product in a like-minded community.
Keep on top of contract admin with a blockchain-based solution.

The Monax Platform is built on an open-source, universal blockchain, The Agreements Network, which was co-founded by Monax earlier this year.

The Monax Platform also leverages Business Process Modelling to connect and manage information across organisations without the need for third-party providers, they said.

Casey Kuhlman, CEO, and Co-founder of Monax, said: ‘We’re excited to bring another blockchain solution to the legal field and see how this will benefit ancillary industries such as entrepreneurship, music, real estate, and beyond. By leveraging smart contract technology we can make legal processes more efficient and solve real-world business problems.’

If you’d like to know more, check out the short video below about its platform dashboard.

The company also kindly provides some pricing around what it’s offering – something that not every legal tech company does openly. So, check this also. (Although it’s not 100% clear if this also covers the private beta for the platform…?) But, drop them a line to find out more, or of you’d like to sign up to the private beta, at