AL Product Reviews: Luminance – Call For Feedback

AL Product Reviews: Luminance – Call For Feedback

Artificial Lawyer is now conducting a Product Review of legal AI company, Luminance, one of the most well-known document review systems in the legal sector.

This follows the successful product review of Kira Systems at the end of last year, which can be seen here: AL Product Review – Part One and Part Two. That review generated many great insights into the product from Artificial Lawyer’s global readership. Many thanks again to everyone who took part.

Now, it is the turn of Luminance, with the review process following the same pattern. Law firms and organisations that have used or are using Luminance are asked to please complete the feedback form below and send to Artificial Lawyer, where your views will be collated and will remain anonymous.

There will likely be a second call for feedback and then the results will be published in two parts.

The Deadline for responses is: 23 Feb 2019

All reviews will remain anonymous, however AL will only accept reviews from verifiable email addresses. This is an important step toward greater transparency in the market for this new wave of legal tech products and your feedback is highly valued. Thank you for taking part. Please see the Review Form below.

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AL Product Review: Luminance

Type of Application: AI Doc Review

Feedback Questions:

  • Did Luminance meet your expectations? (How could it be better?)


  • Was it easy to use? (How could it be better?)


  • How easily does it learn? (How could it be better?)


  • What was the customer support like? (How could it be better?)


  • Overall, has it been value for money?


Would you recommend it?  Yes, or No:

Overall Star Rating: One to Four Stars  [Please mark ‘X’]

4 Stars – Delighted! 

3 Stars – It’s good, but could be better.

2 Stars – It’s OK, we’ll keep shopping around.   

1 Star – Not a good experience. Avoid. 


Thank you for taking part! Please cut and paste your completed review form into an email and send to AL, here.

(Please label: AL Product Review.)

Review Guide

The questions above have been chosen in order to address some of the key issues potential customers ask most frequently about tech of this type, based on feedback that Artificial Lawyer has gathered from speaking to law firms and inhouse counsel.

Although issues such as security standards and APIs are also vital, most people looking initially at which system ‘to buy’ said that the questions above were most vital for them to get a good initial impression and to then begin the process of deciding which products to seriously consider.

The information that you can provide for AL Reviews will also build upon the AL 100 legal tech directory, giving real life feedback in addition to the factual details of each product, which does cover areas such as security standards.

The methodology for AL Reviews works like this:

  • A company is chosen, which is believed to have sufficient customers to provide a useful level of feedback. (As there is little point in calling for reviews of a new startup with just two pilot customers). So, AL Product Reviews will focus on the tech companies that are now part of the market.
  • There is a first call for reviews, such as this one. Customers are asked to email back their responses to AL, and these are collated.
  • AL will also directly contact some publicly known clients.
  • There may be a second call for reviews to make sure we have captured a good sample of responses.
  • Finally, the review will be published. Unless a customer especially wants to be named, all responses will be anonymous, but AL will verify that all feedback comes from bona fide sources.
  • And then….it will be onto the next company and so on.
  • Over time a real picture of what the market thinks will emerge, which AL believes will provide real value to you, the readers of Artificial Lawyer.

Thank you for your valued readership and if you are a user of the above tech company, or have used it in the past, it would be great if you could spare a couple of minutes to send back your responses. Thanks! It’s appreciated!

Richard Tromans, Founder, Artificial Lawyer