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Empowering the Team With A Contract ‘Front Door’

By Jon Squire, Chief Growth Officer at ContractPodAi

At some point, most in-house lawyers have received ‘the email’, or the tap on the shoulder from a familiar face in the sales team. They’ve landed a big one and they’re excited!

For you, this often means receiving a few bullet points detailing the agreement, coupled with the expectation that you’ll translate everything into a complex legal document. Oh, and it’s also crucial that it’s good to go in an hour because ‘it’s a really hot one!’

Jon Squire, ContractPodAi

It’s a familiar situation – and of course, it usually comes up just when you’re planning to sink your teeth into the backlog of contract requests, reports and emails.

You also know there’s no way it’s going to take an hour; you’ll spend most of that time chasing people for information alone.

There are a few of solutions out there to help put contracts together quickly. It’s pretty common to see Word templates with highlighted sections and comment boxes saying things like ‘if this applies, delete this’ and so on.

It’s a step forward, but this set up still leaves you vulnerable to human error and the onus is still on you as the lawyer to review each agreement before it can go out to the customer.

That’s where our solution comes in. ContractPodAi was created specifically to ease the pain points associated with traditional contracting.

Using the automated contract generator, your teams can easily pick the document they need from a list of pre-configured templates. From there, they just answer a simple questionnaire to create their first draft, containing all the correct contract terms. By removing the ‘guesswork’ you can truly empower your employees to take part in the contracting process.

Each contract template can then be easily updated using a simple Microsoft Word plug-in, meaning that you can amend the key terms and roll them out to everyone. No more scouring through emails and folders to find the right file, or version control nightmares!

ContractPodAi ties the whole process together using automated approvals based on your own internal process. That way, you rest easy in the knowledge that your policies and practices are being followed with just the right amount of intervention.

The contract will be routed to the right people at the right time and the bespoke audit trail for each record gives users the ability to check who is responsible for the approval and where they are in the process. It’s the ultimate single source of truth.

By giving your non-legal colleagues a ‘front door’ into contracting, you streamline the process for everyone. Sales people can reach their goals quicker and with more perceived momentum. And you the lawyer can operate seamlessly, without dropping everything every time a new contract comes through the door.  What’s more this process is easier than you think.

To find out how easily you can implement a legal front door at your organisation, get in touch with our team and book a demo today at ContractPodAi – Demo.

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