Neota Logic Launches Dashboards Feature For Better Data Visuals

Full-spectrum, legal expert systems platform, Neota Logic, has launched a Dashboard capability that will allow users access to a fully configurable data management and visualisation tool.

It comes as part of the latest 9.2 product update and means that customers can quickly assemble custom views and charts to display reports about any aspect of a Neota application or its usage.

‘These reports can help customers track and analyse usage of individual applications or groups of applications leading to important insights into such things as the sources of usage, process blockages and opportunities for further service improvement,’ the company said.

They added that: ‘All Neota applications are [also] powered by Neota Data Manager, a SQL database management tool, which allows customers with particularly intensive reporting or visualisation requirements to surface Neota data via industry-standard business intelligence tools such as Power BI and Tableau.’

Is this a big deal? Partly, yes. One of the main challenges with a lot of legal tech applications is a lack of an easy to use dashboard so that non-techies can get an understanding of what is going on. Some legal AI doc review companies, for example, have come in for some stick for not providing users with intuitive dashboards that can show ‘what’s going on’ and what the extracted data actually means.

So, this is both very handy and something that the clients want. It also comes at a time when the expert systems/workflow automation market is becoming far more populated, with companies ranging from Bryter to Autto to Berkeley Bridge now all moving into similar parts of the market to Neota.

Julian Uebergang, Neota’s Head of Product, commented on the update: ‘We continue to enhance the power of our Neota platform by working closely with our clients to address their needs for better management of structured data. The creation of reusable, structured data from each session run in a Neota application is a powerful differentiator in the Neota platform and is an important step in realising the value of Applications that are created on our platform.’