The 12 Global Legal Hackathon Finalists Revealed

The finalists of the Global Legal Hackathon (GLH) have now been revealed.

Below is the list of the 12 finalists in total – the 10 teams from the GLH, plus the two GROWL, women leaders in legal tech, finalists.

They will now head to the ultimate round on May 4 in New York to see which are the winners.

The earlier full list of teams from each node that won in the first round of the GLH 2019 can be seen in this Artificial Lawyer article here. 

The finalists are:

  • Cynapse  – Australia
  • RUI – Brazil
  • YouSolve – Brazil
  • PandaRun- China
  • VizLaw – Germany
  • Uthority – Germany
  • E-Barristers – India
  • Clevius – Italy
  • Legal Shapers – Romania
  • Our Terms – USA

The two GROWL finalists are:

  • Access Our Community – Hong Kong (China)
  • InteliLex – Poland

Pierson Grider, Director of Market Development for Integra Ledger, which is the founder and organizer of the Global Legal Hackathon, commented: ‘We were really impressed with the quality of the teams and projects this year. In the first year of the GLH (2018), many people around the world weren’t even sure what a legal hackathon was. There was a learning curve. This year, it was obvious that more people knew what to expect and were able to take full advantage of the hackathon weekend to build amazing projects.’

And, David Fisher, the CEO of Integra Ledger and the co-founder of the Global Legal Hackathon, added: ‘I had the opportunity to be on site in New York on the opening night of the hackathon. I then flew overnight to Amsterdam to spend the second day of the hackathon there, and I finished the weekend in London. It was truly inspiring to see teams hard at work in cities around the world and to witness the global phenomenon that that GLH has become. I can’t wait to see the final pitches in New York, and I look forward to the commercial launch of some of these projects, following in the footsteps of some of the amazing teams from GLH2018.’

The GLH 2019 Final Round Gala is open to the public, and a limited number of tickets can be purchased here:

Here are a few thoughts from Artificial Lawyer. First, this is truly a global group of legal tech teams, from all parts of the world, from very developed legal tech markets such as the US, to ones that are just exploding into life such as Brazil, to markets not so well known for legal tech such as Italy and Romania.

Second, the confidence in using a wide range of tech among the teams is really impressive. For example, without hesitation teams have gone into very practical use cases for NLP and ML for a variety of purposes, from translation to KM delivery.

Third, the teams were able not just to create useful legal tech applications, but also were excellent in being able to articulate why their applications were important. Check out the two videos below. The one from Brazil, RUI, explains right up front that the minimum fee that a lawyer can charge in Brazil is more than many Brazilians earn, so how can they ever access legal services? And then they come up with a solution.

The video from InteliLex, from Poland, is so well-made and clear in its message it feels like their product is already in the market. Impressive stuff.

And a final thought: as ever it shows that technology knows no boundaries. All people need is access to the software tools – which is a lot easier these days because of the internet – and the inspiration to make something useful. And then….anything can happen….!

Yet again the GLH has shown itself to be a very positive force for change in the legal sector and it’s great to see such global support and interest. Well done to all involved.

Here are two of the videos that the judges saw, from InteliLex in Poland and RUI in Brazil.


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  1. What a fantastic achievement! This how the legal world heads towards unprecedent change and becomes one of the top tiers industries’ tech based! Congratulations Romania and congratulations to all the countries and teams on the podium of the GLH second round! Good luck to all of you! Keep Daring to Hack the Legal Way! See you in New York!

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