Mitratech Launches Co-Innovation Center, New Workflow Capabilities

Legal workflow experts, Mitratech, have released new features for its TAP Workflow Automation platform that cover electronic signatures and a new sharing feature, as well as the ability to share workflow ideas with other companies via its Co-Innovation Center

The TAP platform was added to Mitratech’s portfolio in April 2018 and now 26 new legal departments have selected it to help create internal workflows, the company added.

The new capabilities are:

TAPSign electronic signature, which helps with the management of documents and forms such as contracts, NDA’s retention letters, partner and supplier agreements. It also will help support efforts to replace paper with digital forms and documents.

One-click import and export, which should help with bringing in new workflow designs or sharing them out with others. With this capability in place, Mitratech also announced a new TAP Co-Innovation Center.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect here is that customers of Mitratech can go to its Co-Innovation Center ‘to view the process automation ideas and use cases of their peers, and at their discretion, can now easily share workflows’.

I.e. if you want to help other legal departments share in your innovation – and in turn share in theirs – you can.

The company said: ‘This capability is a cornerstone to the overall theme of co-innovation between customers, employees and partners that permeates across the TAP ecosystem, and is transforming the legal operations community.’

How Mitratech approaches workflows.

Greg Bennett, senior manager, legal operations, Gilead Sciences: ‘Through Mitratech’s TAP Co-Innovation Center, we realise the opportunity to develop and share ideas on how we can use TAP to improve – if not eliminate – effort heavy, high volume/low risk business processes in our organisation and between our Legal systems. More importantly, the Innovation Center provides a front-row seat to see how this technology is rapidly shaping a new landscape in the legal business.’

Artificial Lawyer has to say the idea of co-innovation baked into a vendor’s platform is a great idea. Many GCs often complain about having to work in silos or in isolation – so here is an example of sharing innovation across the user base.

Mitratech CEO, Jason Parkman, concluded: ‘Mitratech could not be more excited about the innovation we are seeing in the delivery of legal services across the legal operations and TAP community. Our customers are creating true Legal Service Centers that improve outcomes by promoting innovation and excellence across not just the legal department, but the entire enterprise.’