Juro Launches Guide to Building a High-Growth Legal Team

Juro launches guide to building a high-growth legal team

Looking to scale your in-house legal team? Download Juro’s guide, ‘Scaling your legal team: who to hire, how and why’, here.

At Juro we love talking about contracts. We love talking about legal process, machine learning, AI, legal operations, startup life, contract management software, and all the other topics that fit into our day-to-day work. But when we ask our customers what they’re worried about, we’re always surprised to hear the range of concerns that motivate them. A big part of our customer base is made up of GCs, Heads of Legal, and Heads of People Ops at high-growth technology companies, and across the board, they share the same concern: hiring.

When we host our regular breakfast briefings for tech GCs, we often hear them swapping advice about which roles to hire, how to find good candidates, what to ask them at interview and how to do written tests. Building an efficient, scalable recruitment process for the legal function can have a big impact, not just on your team performance, but on your state of mind. So we decided to take everything we learnt from tech GCs, as well as our HR customers, and put together a guide to scaling your legal team. Do you need a paralegal? Do you need a data specialist? What could an intern do for you? And how should you actually run the hiring process?

In this guide we take the lessons learnt at companies like Zoopla, Monzo, Peakon, Habito and Fleetcor, throw in some advice from the human resources gurus at CharlieHR, and offer to you the guide to scaling a legal team the right way. We hope that in-house lawyers find it useful – here’s to building a legal dream team.

Download the guide, ‘Scaling your legal team’ – here.

To find out more about Juro’s contract management platform, visit their website here.

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