Seal To Deliver 80+ NLP Pre-Sets For Airbus Contract KM Push

In a classic example of how legal AI companies can work with large corporates – and beyond just the usual targets of the legal team – Seal Software has said it will deliver more than 80 pre-set NLP extraction models for aircraft giant, Airbus, as part of a major data analysis project.

This large NLP project for Seal is being driven by Airbus’s Digital Transformation in Procurement initiative, which represents a company-wide push to gain greater insight into their contractual documents.

Is this a big deal? Yes. For sure. Big analysis projects for companies of this scale are not that frequent – Airbus is a €64 billion business – so this is a big win, even if Seal had been working with Airbus before. It’s also proof that clients, although often wanting to do their own training, still like to buy in pre-built NLP extraction models to find the data they want.

And, given how many suppliers and partners are involved in building Airbus’s fleet of aircraft this is a major undertaking. Moreover, one can see why Airbus wants to do this. Their collection of supplier contracts must be gargantuan and so complex it must be hard for them to know what is there, let alone gain business and legal insights into those agreements. 

So, to that end, Seal is set to deliver more than 80 customised pre-built extraction ‘modules’, allowing Airbus to digitise contractual documents and ‘agreement-related images’ in a first step towards more dynamic search, contract management and analysis capabilities.

From there it can then develop real knowledge about their business, much of which was probably just sitting there, but needed this tech to leverage it out of the document stack.

Ulf Zetterberg, co-founder and CEO at Seal Software, said of the project: ‘In pursuit of [their] corporate objectives to overcome and break down silos, better collect and share information across business units, and foster greater cooperation among teams, Airbus is working closely with Seal to turn contracts from static documents to strategic assets. We are pleased to play a role in this world-renowned organisation’s digital transformation.’