Platformization Grows – Eigen Connects to HighQ’s AI Hub

AI company Eigen Technologies has formally partnered with HighQ as part of its AI Hub initiative that seeks to link unstructured data analysis companies to its collaboration platform.

Eigen is the latest company to do so, following legal AI rivals Kira Systems and LEVERTON.

The move is further evidence of the trend for platformization, i.e. whereby tech companies either seek to build out what they have already into a broader platform, sometimes by acquisition, or where point solutions formally connect to data sharing systems to enable easier use of their technology by clients.

We have also seen Diligen, another legal AI company, previously hook up with NetDocuments in a very similar way.

The platformization trend is also evidence of how the market wants to ‘consume’ legal AI services, i.e. they want them integrated into a broader data-sharing system. It’s also further evidence of the steady adoption of legal AI technology by law firms and corporate legal teams. I.e. demand is driving this trend.

It’s also interesting in that HighQ is clearly not picking any favourites here, and although it has worked closely with Kira, it’s happy to support the growth of a number of legal AI review companies in the same market. Eigen will no doubt benefit from making its output easier to share via HighQ, a data collaboration platform with broad market coverage.

The two companies said of the news: ‘The integration with Eigen will give HighQ clients a product powered by advanced machine learning technology with low training data requirements across a multitude of use cases. This will enable HighQ clients to process, extract and analyze textual qualitative data as part of a seamless workflow that will improve project management and legal service delivery.’

While, Adam Eastell, Chief Legal & Strategy Officer of Eigen Technologies, said: ‘We have worked closely with HighQ to bring our best-in-class NLP technology to its diverse list of clients. HighQ’s platform is a fantastic complement to our product’s unique capabilities, and we believe this partnership will bring real benefits to our end users.’

And, Stuart Barr, Chief Product & Strategy Officer of HighQ, added: ‘We are proud to welcome Eigen to the HighQ family. HighQ’s mission is to enable our clients to transform the way they work, and this partnership will allow them to better capture the power of their data and use it to work more intelligently and efficiently. The partnership will serve to create a more robust HighQ AI Hub offering that deepens the value of the HighQ platform.’

This latest move marks a busy period for Eigen, which has rapidly expanded its workforce, partnered with NewLaw pioneer LOD, and bagged Allen & Overy as a client. It’s also moved into shiny new digs in the City of London.

Meanwhile HighQ (see yesterday’s story) is making a serious push into the corporate legal space, after having taken significant market share among law firms.