Latest LexisNexis Accelerator Cohort Has Strong A2J Focus

Five out of the nine legal tech companies in the latest iteration of the LexisNexis accelerator in the US have an access to justice (A2J) aspect, in what is a positive move by the global publisher and now tech company.

The nine members of the fourth LexisNexis Legal Tech Accelerator cohort are:

The A2J-related companies:

  • Courtroom5 delivers access to justice to pro se litigants through a case management platform that provides bite-sized, just-in-time legal information, document templates, searchable case law, elements-to-evidence case analysis, and other litigation tools.
  • JDoe is an anonymous, end-to-end encrypted reporting platform that connects survivors of sexual misconduct with world-class civil litigators to pursue justice together against repeat offenders.
  • TermScout helps people and businesses understand contracts by providing simple reviews of commonly signed agreements.
  • Tusk is automating the fragmented, painful and expensive estate settlement process.
  • Civvis is a natural language platform that connects consumers with trusted legal solutions.

And, also:

  • ClearstoneIP is pioneering and modernizing patent clearance management with a purpose-built and uniquely collaborative web platform.
  • Discovery Genie is an innovative web-based platform designed to simplify document production and indexing for litigators and paralegals.
  • DueCourse is a learning and professional development platform that helps lawyers take control of their career and map and track their professional development through frictionless, personalized learning.
  • Lawgood helps lawyers make better contracts without expensive practice resources or time-consuming research using crowdsourced data and decision support technology.

Jeff Pfeifer, Chief Product Officer, North American Research Solutions at LexisNexis, commented: ‘After three programme cohorts, we have refined where the programme has greatest impact and that is helping early-stage companies refine and strengthen their go-to-market and commercial plans. Building on our previously announced partnership, LexisNexis is also excited to welcome three Duke Law Tech Lab alumni to this programme cohort.’

As Artificial Lawyer explored earlier in the year, Duke and Lexis have developed a novel arrangement whereby some early stage companies from the Duke Tech Lab then move on to Lexis, in what can be seen as a type of graduated accelerator/incubator programme.

Throughout the 10-week curriculum, Lexis Accelerator participants gain knowledge and expertise in a variety of topics, including technology and product development, running an agile product development organisation, building a strong company culture, selling to legal departments and law firms, leveraging legal data, and identifying best practices in customer success, marketing and fundraising.

If you’d like to know more about the Lexis project, then check out this piece here from January this year, which has some in-depth interviews with people who have been through the programme.

And for those of you who like to track the development of legal tech companies, here’s who else has been through the accelerator in the last couple of years – it’s quite a list, and although some of those names are not that well known, some have gone on to be very recognised legal tech pioneers, e.g. Digitory Legal (2018), dealWIP (2017) and Ping (2016).

2018 Cohort

  • Attune Capital Group, identifies metrics from transaction agreements in order to determine and monitor “what is market” for selected transaction parameters across different types of transactions over different time periods.
  • Digitory Legal, uses artificial intelligence to transform and analyze billing data and create predictive pricing models for complex legal work, helping customers effectively manage budgets and resources throughout the life of their matters.
  • Disputly, helps California residents quickly recover their security deposits.
  • Justis Connection, connects top legal talent of color to local residents of color, empowering communities through active engagement and education that teaches fundamental rights and responsibilities in the law.
  • Procertas, is a competency-based learning platform with an initial focus on helping legal professionals and law students develop proficiency with core technology tools like Microsoft Word and Excel and Adobe Acrobat.
  • Specifio, is changing the way patent applications are created through advanced natural language generation.

2017 Cohort

  • Contract Wrangler: Contract Wrangler uses advanced machine-learning technology to uncover hidden data in business relationships and help clients maximize profitability and reduce risk.
  • dealWIP: Cloud-based workflow integration platform for complex legal transactions that provides a secure, frictionless and transparent environment for transactional attorneys and their valued clients to plan, manage, automate and streamline every element of their most important high-stakes corporate legal matters.
  • Lawcountability: A cloud-based software platform designed to help lawyers network more effectively for their business and professional development. It is a cost-effective way to offer regular marketing and business-development training online and on the go.
  • Medilenz: AI-powered technology at the intersection of legal and health care helping companies and law firms, for example, mine medical records for critical data and provide medical expert services to life sciences clients, addressing business and scientific needs.
  • ThreadKM: A web-based, real-time legal knowledge management platform that allows lawyers and other professionals to securely and effortlessly build cases and work together. It combines the benefits of broad-based document and knowledge management with the precision of a purpose-built tool for lawyers.
  • Vijilent: Automates people search for the legal industry. Data science company using machine learning to gather insights using social media data and working with law firms to harness the richness of that data and turn it into actionable knowledge.
  • vTestify: A virtual testimony platform that is developed to leverage advances in technology to improve both the quality of testimony and the methods through which it is obtained. vTestify addresses the needs of lawyers, legal professionals and above all, the clients serve, by tackling inefficiencies in the system through the use of technology.
And, also:

2016 Cohort

If you’d like to know more, check the link here. 

P.S. It’s understood that the accelerator’s general aim is not to take equity stakes in the cohort members.