Product Review: Luminance – Call For Feedback

Artificial Lawyer is relaunching its Product Reviews. We are now seeking feedback on legal AI company Luminance

The move is driven by a growing need for better feedback on the many legal tech products out there in the market. Last November AL reviewed Kira Systems in what was a very resource-heavy, but successful project. With the recent addition of Irene Madongo, News Reporter, we are now able to recommence and will pick up where we left off, which was with a product review of doc analysis product, Luminance

The question format is now simpler and more adaptable to all types of tech product. 

The methodology remains the same: if you have used Luminance recently, or are a current user, please cut and paste your responses to the five questions below into a Word document, give a star rating, label the Word doc ‘Product Review’ and then please email to Irene, at:

Irene will also be reaching out to known users of the product. Note: although some people very kindly sent in some early views on Luminance in January this year, the product, and no doubt your experience of it, has evolved since then. So, we would very much like to hear from you again. 

As before, your responses will remain anonymous. The results, once collated, will be published in Artificial Lawyer and will be free to access.

If you could please return your responses before 28th November that would be very much appreciated. Thank you for being a contributor to the legal innovation community.

Artificial Lawyer Product Review – Luminance


1 – Generally, what have you used the product for?

2 – How effective is it for your use case, or use cases?

3 – How much use have you got out of the product? 

4 – How easy has it been to use & what was product support like?

5 – Given its price, has this product delivered value for money? 

Star Rating: (Please mark with an ‘X’.)

4 Stars – Delighted! 

3 Stars – It’s good, but could be better.

2 Stars – It’s OK, we’ll keep shopping around.   

1 Star – Not a good experience.

[ Responses will remain anonymous. ]

Please cut and paste your responses into a Word doc., label ‘Product Review’, and send to Irene at Artificial Lawyer:

Thank you for being a contributor to the legal innovation community.