ACC Europe Adopts HighQ In Useful Client Win

The European chapter of the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) has chosen to adopt HighQ – now part of Thomson Reuters.

While perhaps not the biggest client win the company has ever had, having the organisation’s 12-member board utilise HighQ’s tech to improve document management, workflow and collaboration can only help with its marketing efforts, given that the ACC is hardwired into the global GC community.

HighQ added that the ACC Europe board plans to deploy the software for use in all executive duties and ‘move away from traditional document management systems‘ and will ‘realise better version control and access for all key stakeholders’.

Is this a big deal? Not on paper. But, it’s more about influence and brand positioning with key inhouse lawyers. ACC Europe has grown to include more than 3,000 in-house counsel members across the continent, for example. So, a useful win for HighQ in this case.

Hans Albers, president of ACC Europe, said: ‘We are excited to use the platform to streamline our communications, improve internal workflow and realise other efficiencies that will help us deliver a better experience for our members.’

Stuart Barr, HighQ’s chief product & strategy officer, concluded: ‘HighQ is thrilled to work with the No. 1 peer forum for all in-house counsel in Europe as the organisation advances its mission to utilise leading-edge technology in an effort to best serve the interests of a diverse membership.’