News Roundup: Litera, Seal, Evisort, Knowable + Legal Week NY

It’s been quite a week with the Legal Week show in New York dominating Artificial Lawyer’s schedule (…and there was the small matter of the UpCounsel saga to stay on top of too). But, there’s also been plenty of regular product news. Here’s a few announcements to consider.

Litera Introduces Anonymize

Burgeoning legal tech platform, Litera, has introduced their Clause Companion’s newest feature, Anonymize.

The solution allows lawyers to reuse content from their prior work to safely create new documents faster.

Funnily enough the need for this type of tool came up in several conversations with vendors in New York, who wanted to help clients reuse data for a variety of purposes, from ediscovery to machine learning,

Clause Companion’s Anonymize feature offers:

  • Automatically anonymizes content by detecting and replacing deal-specific data with the choice of blanks, symbols, or variables
  • Anonymized documents can be saved to the Clause Companion library as easily accessible, ready-to-go templates
  • Allows lawyers to safely reuse these documents and their preferred content faster, without leaving Microsoft Word.

Avaneesh Marwaha, CEO of Litera, said: ‘Sorting through content libraries to identify the best, most current documents and replacing the critical details in them takes substantial time that could be better spent on higher-value tasks. Anonymize helps lawyers by making this process smarter, faster, and more secure.’

Learn more by watching this video on Clause Companion.

Legal AI Pioneer Seal Partners With JDX Financial Consulting Firm

Financial services consulting firm JDX is to form a strategic partnership with Seal Software.

The partnership will combine JDX’s 700-person strong ‘strategic, technological and operations’ consulting expertise, as well as its extensive experience in AI-based document digitization solutions, with AI-based contract analytics from Seal.

It will also leverage JDX’s ‘agile AI-building methodology, allowing customers to quickly pivot tactical documentation projects into a strategic roadmap of processing solutions’. 

In addition, JDX now joins Seal Software’s Partner Program, and is building a discreet Seal practice that will advance contract analytics projects for its customers in financial services and banking.

Today’s announcement follows the recent news that financial services trailblazer and Seal expert Charles Post, has joined JDX to lead the firm’s US-based Consulting Services practice, and handle the partnership with Seal Software.

Lucy Dorr, head of JDX’s global consulting services division, said: ‘JDX’s unique skills in the world of derivatives and financial products are becoming differentiators in the marketplace, and I am excited that Charles is joining at such a critical time as we look to enhance our outstanding in-house talent with even more industry leaders.’

John O’Melia, CEO at Seal Software, added: ‘Charles Post and JDX have a proven and recognised set of skills and capabilities in the financial services market, and partnering with them to deliver leading-edge AI technology to solve complex contract use cases is not only a core part of our overall strategy at Seal, but it also reflects our shared commitment to technological excellence for the financial services community.’

Evisort Unveils New Module for Pre-Signature Stage

Legal AI company Evisort is to launch a new workflow module which will offer pre-signature contract generation and approval workflows along with Evisort’s current post-signature contract analytics capability.

Due for release in Q2 2020, Evisort’s now end-to-end solution will allow enterprises to ‘unify their contracting process in one centralised framework’.

For example, the company explains, if salespeople need to have third-party contracts reviewed, they email legal and have little visibility throughout the contract review process. Approval of the contract requires collaboration with multiple departments like legal, finance, compliance, and accounting.

Evisort streamlines this process with contract generation and workflow capabilities which are highly customisable. Powered by AI trained on millions of documents, Evisort will help companies close more deals quickly with a modern contract review intake process and triaging system, they say.

Just goes to show, one key trend now with legal AI companies is the pre-signature space, and it seems to be growing month by month.

Knowable Wins The Legal Launch Product Innovation Prize

Knowable has won the Legal Launch Product Innovation Prize at the Legal Week show in New York.

The legal data analysis company, which was once part of Axiom and recently hired Nik Reed from LexisNexis, faced tough competition from a field of very compelling products. Other companies who reached the finals included Fastcase, LexisNexis and Hanzo.

The competition was judged by a panel of Legal Tech experts, featuring:

And it was all put together by the dynamic Patrick Fuller, VP Legal, ALM Intelligence and team. Thanks for the invitation to be a judge and to see such a wide range of new products.

Legal Week Show New York – A Couple of Thoughts

It’s hard to sum up such a massive event that spans most of a week. But AL’s memories are very much about the incredible community of people that were there. Wandering through the very large exhibitor areas may make you feel this is a ‘traditional vendor conference’, but that’s missing the other side to all of this: the people who come to the event.

And, Legal Week in New York certainly brings together many of the luminaries of the US legal tech community. So many great conversations were had, so many excellent insights shared and developed over a coffee in the Hilton Midtown lobby, or over a beer in a local bar, or at dinner in a steak house.

Meeting people ‘In Real Life’ who you may have only ever ‘met’ online is always special. These days so many of us connect via social media, email or other platforms, but there’s nothing quite like a major conference like this to help everyone shake hands, really get to know each other and hear their thoughts. That’s the main takeaway for AL. Lots of access to great new products, but it’s an event that also really brings people together.

Looking forward to next year already, (and Memme…let’s get a standing annual reservation booked at the Harvard Club…!)

(Pic: view of midtown Manhattan from the MoMa sculpture garden – RT.)

Come Along to Two Great Artificial Lawyer Conferences in the US and UK

Legal Innovators California – June 18 – San Francisco – an all-day conference focused on the intersection of technology and the business of law.


Legal Innovators London – Now over two days – October 7th and 8th – one day on legal services providers, and one day focused on inhouse legal teams.