Stevie Wants You…To Do This Survey

Stevie Ghiassi (pictured), the Project Founder of the Global Legal Tech Report – which has a mission to map the world’s legal tech markets and then publish the results – is asking companies to complete a survey for their region.

Ghiassi, who is also the Founding President of the Australian Legal Technology Association (ALTA) and CEO of Legaler, noted that companies completing the survey get their local report for free and 50% off the final global legal tech report coming out in November.

Why the call for people to fill the survey in now? The reason is that the deadlines for several regions are approaching (see below) –

The research end dates:

– North America: 4th Sept
– UK: 18th Sept
– Europe and Rest of World: 30th Sept

So, if you’d like to complete the survey, help the global legal tech community to know more about itself in the process, and get a free copy of your region’s report, then here is the link:

As to why this is important, Ghiassi told Artificial Lawyer: ‘The global legal industry is experiencing rapid change at the hands of technology, yet we know very little about those effecting that change.

The Global Legal Tech Report is now the largest legal tech survey ever, conducted in partnership with 13 leading legal tech associations. After producing the reports for APAC and Africa, we are starting to see clear trends emerge, and these will be valuable to the legal tech companies themselves, the buyers, the industry bodies and even investors.

For the trade associations, the data is making it very clear that they need to do more to provide support for founders, especially as 50% of companies in Australia were run by solo founders and 53% were over the age of 40, with 89% coming from within the legal industry or being ‘recovering’ lawyers

Sadly, only 21% were female founders, almost precisely mirroring the dismal numbers of female partners in law firms across the world. So that’s another area that we can all focus on improving: female representation throughout the entire legal industry.

Preliminary findings also showed that 48% of respondents indicated law firms as their primary target market, while 25% said their main target clients are corporate legal departments.’

So, there you go. Multiple good reasons to take a few minutes to zip through the survey. The more the report authors learn about what legal tech companies are really doing, the more a broader and meaningful picture will emerge. And that, hopefully, will be of some real use to all stakeholders.

Plus – if you liked that then you may also fancy a go at another project the team is running, which is about the impact of COVID-19. They’re doing a shorter survey on that, see here:

The results so far can be seen there as well.

Here’s the main global report survey link again:

Global Legal Tech Report Survey

[ Note: Artificial Lawyer is the official media partner of the Australian Legal Technology Association (ALTA. ]