iManage/Closing Folders Deal – ‘Our Greatest Competitor is the Status Quo’

AL TV talks to Gordon Cassie, CTO of transaction management company, Closing Folders, which iManage has just bought to extend its offering. We explore:

  • How did the deal come about, and who approached first?
  • What do Cassie and colleagues like about their acquirer?
  • Why do this deal? Was it Covid, or the Litera/Doxly deal last year?
  • Why did iManage want to do this deal?
  • And what happens now that the two companies have come together?
  • Will Closing Folders (as part of iManage) now cover the UK as well as the US and Canada?
  • And finally, why their greatest competitor is the status quo.

(Press play to watch inside the page, approx. 15 mins.)

AL TV Productions, Aug 2020.