Litera’s Avaneesh Marwaha on Consolidation, Their Next Acquisition + Hg

AL TV News Analysis Litera’s CEO, Avaneesh Marwaha, talks about legal tech consolidation; his company’s part in all of this; what will be their next acquisition or product development; and what happens when Hg decides to sell the business?

AL TV asks Avaneesh about:

  • Why is consolidation happening now?
  • Is consolidation really a good thing? Do platforms actually cause new problems for clients?
  • Where is Hg (which owns Litera) going with all of this, following the series of acquisitions?
  • When will Hg sell Litera, and who would they sell the company to?
  • Does he have shares in the company and does he get a say on strategic decisions given that Hg has a controlling position?
  • Would an IPO be a better exit strategy than a sale?
  • How many more product areas will Litera either buy companies to cover, or build their own for? Note: Avaneesh expresses a lot of interest in expanding in the litigation field.
  • How many more acquisitions/internal product developments does Litera have ahead of it before the inevitable sale by Hg?

AL TV News Analysis – press play to watch/listen inside the page, (approx. 23 mins – had aimed for 15, but it was such an interesting discussion we kept on going). Enjoy.

AL TV Productions, Aug 2020.

P.S. They have also launched a couple of packaged up offerings made from the tools they have on the platform: Litera Litigate – which offers coverage of drafting, case management, and binders for litigators. And, Litera Transact, enabling global deal management within a single workspace. The moves also follow the recent acquisition of Allegory Law.

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