Josef Launches ‘Flowchart’ No-Code Automation Feature

No-code legal automation system, Josef, has released a new Flowchart capability with ‘intuitive visual logic’ that the company believes will help make legal automation projects far faster and easier.

The company, which is based in Australia and has global law firm clients including Clifford Chance and Herbert Smith Freehills, said it had launched the new feature following client demand. And the best way to show it is via the AL TV Product Walk Through below with Josef CEO & Co-founder, Tom Dreyfus.

(Press Play to watch inside this page, 8 mins approx.)

AL TV Productions, Sept 2020.

The new feature comes as part of the company’s overall offering, and will provide:

  • Advanced visual logic, to automatically organise messy decision trees,
  • Intelligent connections, to find and suggest connections for new messages,
  • Improved navigation, including search and zoom, to help builders visualise and manage complex flows,
  • Visual cues and prompts to help bot-builders reduce errors and bugs in their logic.

Josef Co-founder, Sam Flynn, said: ‘Josef has always prided itself on being easy to use, and now it’s easier than ever. This is really important for us because ease-of-use is essential to putting automation in the hands of all legal professionals, which is our unique vision.’

In March this year, Josef also launched a web-based document editor on its platform, allowing users to upload a Microsoft Word document template, and apply logic or insert responses while preserving the style and format of the original document.

What we are seeing now is an expansion of the no-code/low-code legal automation space with several companies rapidly growing there. Josef is competing in the same market segment as BRYTER, Neota Logic and Autto. RPA-related companies such as Autologyx also overlap with this area.

Clearly, legal process automation, whether one focuses on expert system use cases, or purely operational process needs, is becoming a vibrant field in legal tech and is offering potential clients a wide range of platforms.

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