Agiloft’s Expansion Plan – News Analysis with CEO, Eric Laughlin

In this AL TV News Analysis with Agiloft’s new CEO, Eric Laughlin, we explore the CLM platform’s strategic direction and growth plans, as well as how NLP/ML techniques relate to CLM.

Laughlin’s appointment in August coincided with the news of a massive $45m investment by FTV Capital in the company. Plus, he was previously Global Head of EY’s LMS group following the acquisition of Thomson Reuters’ LMS/Pangea3 group. So, we had plenty to explore.

We cover:

  • Why the move from a senior role in a Big Four firm?
  • What is Agiloft and how did it get into the world of legal tech?
  • The use of AI (i.e. NLP/ML tools) for CLM.
  • The potential to work with established AI doc review companies.
  • How the company intends to expand and grow in the UK/EU and Asia-Pacific, and hire many more people.
  • The reality that only a minority of large companies have a fully operational CLM system – even now.
  • Agiloft’s no-code approach.
  • And more…
AL TV Productions, Sept 2020

(Press play to watch/listen inside the page. Approx 19 mins.)