Think You Know Neota Logic? Think Again

Neota Logic has been part of the legal tech landscape for a decade now and it has been evolving steadily. Today it is a multi-capability platform that goes far beyond the expert system applications it is perhaps best known for. Hence the question: Think you know Neota Logic? Think again.

In this AL TV Product Walk Through with the company’s APAC Managing Director, Julian Uebergang, we explore what the Neota platform can do now and how it helps clients with ‘scaling expertise through digital solutions’.

Core to the way Neota is going to market are its three pillars of: process automation, document automation, and expertise automation, supported by a no-code data layer.

(Press play to watch/listen. Approx. 17 minutes.)

AL TV Productions. Nov 2020.

As you can see, what perhaps was once viewed as a very specific point solution to help lawyers crystallise knowledge to build Q&A expert systems, has evolved into what can only be described as an integrated platform along with multiple connections into a law firm’s or legal team’s tech stack and data flows.

In future AL TV episodes we’ll be looking in more detail at those three key pillars of Neota Logic: process automation, document automation, and expertise automation.