Five Legal Techs Join Lawtech Sandbox Pilot

Four legal tech companies and an Oxford University-based research lab have joined the pilot phase of the Lawtech Sandbox R&D initiative. The UK Government-funded sandbox project will help the five teams with a number of development needs, including regulatory feedback on their products and services. That said, for this site the most important potential input here is gaining access to legal data from justice sector bodies – although that particular sandbox goal is still in development (see Artificial Lawyer article here).

The five legal techs joining the pilot, out of the 65 that applied, are:


Amplifi helps customers engage with and assess lengthy, technical legal information by presenting information in a way that fits a customer’s needs and enables their understanding. They achieve this by using natural language processing to identify common elements of legal documents and use machine learning to assess the degree of likely comprehension, involving a cognitive risk score.

The Lawtech Sandbox Pilot will support Amplifi to get answers to its emerging legal, regulatory and ethical questions and help source datasets of technical or complex customer-facing legal documents to enable them to develop, test and further calibrate their approach.


The well-known smart contract company, Clause.

The Lawtech Sandbox Pilot will support in building out the beginnings of their library of smart contract templates, working with the Lawtech Sandbox network partners on establishing use cases for this technology, as well as facilitating engagement with public bodies and industry.


ClauseMatch looks to transform regulation into digital, machine-readable form with an easy-to-use, ​AI-powered ​smart document​ collaboration​ platform, making it easier for businesses to automate and manage their compliance and to keep up with regulations.

The Lawtech Sandbox Pilot will connect ClauseMatch to regulators through the Regulatory Response Unit, to explore and progress digitisation of the regulatory framework, as well as facilitating access to materials such as impact assessments and risk taxonomies, to further develop their AI.

Deep Tech Dispute Resolution Lab

The Deep Tech Dispute Resolution Lab is based at Oxford University and is developing a dispute and risk avoidance tool based on advanced machine learning techniques. The tool sorts and analyses a range of data within organisations to automatically detect early warning signs of an emerging dispute or issue with customers, suppliers and/or others.

Through its network, the Lawtech Sandbox will support the Deep Tech Dispute Resolution Lab to work with in-house teams and secure access to organisational data to further test and train their product, and develop a commercialisation plan.

Legal Utopia

Legal Utopia makes legal services affordable and accessible, particularly focused on the SME market, by providing recommendations and information on legal services via an intelligent legal diagnostic process that can identify and assess a wide range of legal problems. They aim to make it easier for small businesses to review and understand a range of common legal documents instantly and without legalese.  

The Lawtech Sandbox Pilot will help Legal Utopia get expert advice and data input, to realise its wider data-driven development objectives, whilst obtaining multi-regulator input to support new services and tools. 

Jenifer Swallow, LawtechUK Director at Tech Nation, said: ‘The Lawtech Sandbox is designed to accelerate digital transformation of the legal sector by providing targeted support to those who are building game-changing lawtech, working alongside them to help raise the bar for business and society.  Access to data, cross-sector regulator engagement, and timely input from decision-makers represent shared barriers to growth, all of which we address through the Lawtech Sandbox.’