Haley Altman on the Litera/Foundation Software Deal + What Comes Next

At the start of the year, fast-expanding legal tech platform, Litera, bought Foundation Software, a company focused on capturing and sharing operational data about legal work, e.g. what teams were involved in a deal for a certain client, what type of work it was classified as, and the hours billed.

It was an interesting move, as it broadens out Litera’s KM capabilities, providing the platform’s customers with better historical data that can shape how a firm approaches a new matter.

Artificial Lawyer spoke to Haley Altman, who has now just gained a new role at Litera, as Global Head of Corporate Development, about this move, what it means more broadly for Litera and its customers, and also where the platform will go in terms of the next deal? We also consider whether Litera has a specific place it is trying to reach in terms of growth, or whether it’s in a state of continual evolution?

This last question is especially important for Altman, as her new Corporate Development role will focus very much on finding new acquisitions for Litera.

As she told Artificial Lawyer, she has come full circle, having started as a deal-focused M&A lawyer, then created a deal management startup – Doxly – which was bought by Litera, and now she is back to doing deals, although this time for Litera.

We also look at how the deal will change, or not, Foundation’s relationships with other companies it already works closely with, such as iManage RAVN.

The news analysis interview is about 15 mins. Press play to watch/listen inside the page. Enjoy.

AL TV Productions. Jan 2021.

Thanks to Haley Altman for participating in the interview.