Legal AI Co. Luminance Launches Redaction Tools

Legal AI company Luminance has launched a suite of redaction tools for removing confidential information from documents and datasets. The move is part of a steady expansion beyond due diligence. The company in recent years also has moved into litigation discovery work and supporting contract repapering projects.

Luminance said that the new redaction tools work ‘out-of-the-box’ and can highlight personally identifiable information including: party names, email addresses, bank details, passport numbers and social security numbers.

Reviewers can also select specific words or phrases and Luminance will then surface all other examples, allowing for bespoke redaction reviews.

You can also use Luminance’s bulk redaction tool, where lawyers can select which documents they would like to redact information from, for instance a specific set of employment contracts or an entire dataset, the company explained, and Luminance is then able to fully redact selected information all in one go. 

As the company notes, the need to remove confidential info from documents and datasets that corporates may hold has never been greater, with a growing number of regulations across the world now having an impact.

Moreover, such tools could be useful for NLP training itself, in that one challenge legal tech companies have is to get hold of enough relevant document samples to train up their software to a high level of accuracy.

The key issue is that these prized example documents are often filled with confidential information and those that hold them don’t necessarily want to share them, at least when the documents are not going to be released as part of a confidential work project with a law firm. Making redaction easier – and less costly – could be one way of encouraging firms and corporates that hold large quantities of contracts to make them available to the legal tech sector for NLP training purposes.

Clementine Fox, Head of Account Management at Luminance, commented: ‘Redaction tasks are often costly, time-consuming and commercially sensitive. Using Luminance, lawyers are able to have more control over the redaction process, whilst also drastically reducing the time spent on their review.’