The Best Legal Techs to Work For in London Are…

Every year tech recruiter Otta puts together a board of industry experts to create the Rocket List, a 50-strong table of startups and scale-ups operating in London that the group believes are some of the best places to work at.

The majority of these 50 are not in the legal world, with fintech and personal finance understandably dominating the list. However, three companies that do (at least in part) belong to the legal tech sphere and that do make the cut, are:

  • Eigen Technologies – the AI doc analysis system, which works in the legal and financial services sectors.
  • SeedLegals – the legal doc and information platform for startups.
  • Farewill – the online Will provider.

Between them, the three companies have 27 roles open – a clear sign that despite the pandemic, and some significant challenges for a small number of legal tech companies, others are doing well and growing still.

The mix is broad, given that Eigen is focused on advanced tech and works with investment banks and global law firms, SeedLegals is aimed at what is essentially the SME sector, and Farewill is a consumer legal platform for everyone.

That said, the Rocket List does not use the classification ‘Legal Tech’ and puts the above into several other categories instead. This suggests that although legal tech companies are doing well (whether in this list or not), their importance to the wider startup ecosystem is still not fully recognised.

Maybe that says something about how a lot of the legal world – and therefore it follows the legal tech world as well – is a bit ‘air-gapped’ from the rest of the economy? London is home to an incredibly vibrant legal tech scene, bustling with companies and innovation, not to mention investment. Yet, as noted, the Rocket List doesn’t even have a specific ‘legal tech’ (or ‘law tech’) category.

Other companies in the Rocket List 2021, which are presented as great places to work if you want to further your career in the tech company world, include: Revolut – the new banking platform, Trint – a transcription system, and Marshmallow – the bespoke insurance application, among others.

The judging panel included the CEO of Tech Nation, Gerard Grech; Anne Glover, Chief Exec at Amadeus Capital Partners; and Sia Houchangnia, a partner at early stage investor, Seedcamp.