Tomorrow + Every Thursday: The Legal Tech Groucho Club

Although we are all hoping in-person events can start again after the summer, there perhaps will always be a place for some kind of virtual get-together to discuss the latest trends and issues in the legal tech world. To that end, Artificial Lawyer is hosting The Legal Tech Groucho Club on Clubhouse.

The idea is that every Thursday, at 4PM, (8AM PST and 11AM EST), AL’s founder, Richard Tromans, and a number of great co-hosts will come together internationally to explore the key themes of the day. All are welcome to join, and when/where possible we’ll be inviting attendees to contribute, if they’d like to.

See link here, or go to the App. It will be shown on upcoming events every Thursday if you are already there.

For this week’s Legal Tech Groucho Club meeting, we have a great group of co-hosts:

  • Dorna Moini – CEO and co-founder, Documate,
  • Patrick Fuller – VP Legal Intelligence, American Lawyer Media,
  • Ryan McClead – CEO, Sente Advisors,
  • Tom Martin – CEO, LawDroid, and Co-Founder of the American Legal Tech Awards
  • Olga Mack – CEO, Parley Pro,
  • Rick Merrill – CEO and founder, Gavelytics.

We hope to connect to audiences in the UK, EU, Africa and Middle East for what will be the afternoon on Thursday, and for the West Coast of the US for what will be around breakfast, as well as on the East Coast and much of South America for what will be brunch time.

Naturally, it’s free to join and the idea is just to have a good old chat and get into some really interesting topics about the legal and legal tech world.

No doubt it will take a few weeks for us all to find our feet, and the idea is to see how it evolves. Whatever happens it looks like we’ll have plenty to talk about, given how vibrant the legal tech world is right now.

We look forward to seeing….er…..hearing you, on Thursday and then if you can’t make this week, we’ll be there in a developing format every Thursday, every week onwards. Feel free to drop in whether you’d like to participate or just to listen in.

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  1. Did the time change? I calendared it for 11 am est and it says on Clubhouse 12 pm est.

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