Drafting Tool Define Named As Tech Nation Rising Star

Contract drafting tool, Define, has been named by innovation group, Tech Nation, as one of its Rising Stars 3.0, which means that they are now classed as ‘one of the 10 most exciting early stage scaleups in the UK’. They are the only legal tech company in the group.

And if you are wondering what Define does, the easiest way to find out is to watch this short AL TV Product Walk Through, which shows what it can do.

Esme Caulfield, Competitions Lead, Tech Nation, said: ‘The Tech Nation Rising Stars competition highlights the best in class companies in the UK at the seed and pre-Series A stages, and shows the amazing tech companies that make up the UK’s pipeline.’

Artificial Lawyer caught up with the team and spoke to founder and CEO, Nnamdi Emelifeonwu, about the accolade.

How does it feel to have gained this award? What does it mean to you all as a growing business?

We are truly humbled to be announced as one of Tech Nation’s Rising Stars and one of their top 10 tech scale-ups in the UK. It is a testament to the hard work put in by the team as a whole during what was a tough period for everyone in 2020. Legal Tech has moved out of its nascency and is being increasingly recognised on the national and international stage so we’re proud to represent some of the exciting new technology emerging in this sector.

What do you think made Define stand out?

Feedback from the judges indicated that they really liked the team composition, our value proposition and traction to date. We are genuine believers that our team is our biggest asset and something we continue to receive positive feedback on. 

How is the company doing since we last spoke? How are things growing?

Define has been firing on all cylinders since we last spoke and we have some big customer announcements coming up so watch this space (hint: we have recently brought onboard one of the world’s largest law firms as well as one of the biggest global financial institutions as customers).

We are also building out both the technology and commercial teams and have two exciting new products on the roadmap for this year as well as interest from verticals outside of legal. All in all, it is an invigorating time to be a part of the team and we truly believe the sky’s the limit.


The Rising Stars 3.0:

Budibase, Northern Ireland, Data Analytics & Business Intelligence
Mike Shanks, CEO,
Founded in 2019
Building custom software for your business in minutes, without coding, Budibase is an open source, nocode platform used for building web applications, to digitise your business. Small to medium sized businesses and digital consultants use Budibase to build and host apps, or for supporting their self-hosted deployments.

CGHero, North West, Createch
Jonathan Lloyd, CEO
Founded in 2016
CGHero is a collaborative marketplace for 3D & CGI content creation like the one done by animation companies, bringing together the world’s top talent to work on feature productions across gaming, architecture, TV & film, automotive and retail. The platform has been used by the likes of Valvoline, Sega, B&Q, Unilever, and NHS.

Define, London, Lawtech
Nnamdi Emelifeonwu, Founder & CEO
Founded in 2017
Drafting made simple, Define optimises the contract drafting and reviewing process by allowing users to quickly access key information (namely all defined terms and references) in legal documents without ever having to leave the provision they are working on and lose their context of review. Define acts as a risk management tool and efficiency software that helps lawyers save time when working on legal documents.

Elemental, Northern Ireland, Healthtech
Jennifer Neff, CEO & Co founder
Founded in 2013
Elemental is an award-winning tech for good company with the purpose of empowering and enabling individuals, families and their carers to better connect into community-based programmes, services and interventions that make a positive impact on their lives. Through an innovative digital platform, it provides teams with the technical connectivity they need for multi-sector partnership working, leadership, and the measurement of mobilisation of support where needed.

eLocker, Midlands, Hardware and Devices
Jacob Hinson, Technical & Sales Director
Founded in 2013
Locker management made easy, eLocker connects Bluetooth enabled locks to the internet via an IoT gateway. Already working with Amazon, DHL and Kuehne and Nagel, it’s the world’s first wirelessly managed locker solution.

e-Surgery, East of England, Healthtech Thuria Wenbar, CEO
Founded in 2017

e-Surgery is the UK’s leading prescribing service and sustainable online pharmacy. Patients simply need to go to their website, choose the treatment they need, fill in a simple health questionnaire and wait for next day delivery in discreet recyclable and biodegradable packaging. They’re a private healthcare provider radically proving the idea that private healthcare can be affordable and that these efficiencies can be made available for the masses.

LiberEat, Scotland, Healthtech
Barry Leaper, MD
Founded in 2016
LiberEat makes life easier for people with dietary restrictions. It provides bespoke menus, supermarket grocery options, and recipes to users with options filtered by their requirements, helping businesses such as restaurants and supermarkets become more accessible, and providing useful analytics and insights. It has the potential to seriously reduce harm from food allergies.

Role Mapper Technologies, South West, HRtech
Sara Hill, Founder & CEO
Founded in 2019
How jobs are designed and job descriptions are created is critical to attracting and retaining talent, but the process for designing jobs is broken, manual and disconnected. RoleMapper helps organisations to design and manage jobs, and create great job descriptions that increase hiring diversity and workforce flexibility.

SupplyWell, North West, Edtech
Raina Heverin and Michael Heverin, Co-Founder & CEO
Founded in 2017
SupplyWell is a digital recruitment solution putting control in the hands of teachers and schools. It connects teachers and schools together directly removing the need for slow and costly traditional agencies, which allows teachers to earn more while schools pay less and ensure that wellbeing comes as standard.

Vimma, London, Createch
Outi Pietilanaho, Co-founder & CEO
Founded in 2018
Vimma is a productivity suite for online content creators. 96% of influencers and content creators currently do not have access to talent management, and are left to solve their growth and monetisation on their own. Vimma’s talent management platform is building a software toolset to serve their talent management needs.

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