Greenberg Traurig Joins TR’s Marketplace With Recurve

Global law firm Greenberg Traurig has joined the Thomson Reuters Marketplace and will offer its Recurve Solutions through the platform.

Recurve is a subsidiary of Greenberg that provides collaboration and legal support services, and was launched back in 2019. The move follows the marketplace launch in November last year, which included Big Four firm, KPMG, as one of the initial professional services firms involved – see article here.

At the time of Recurve’s launch Greenberg said: ‘Recurve will be a first-of-its-kind global shared services platform intended to facilitate open collaboration among clients, trusted legal advisors and tech, staffing, space, and other experts in services which support innovation, efficiencies, and value in the delivery of legal services. While the law firm is its founder, Recurve itself will not engage in the practice of law and will ultimately include a number of strategic members engaged in various of its core focus areas, including the firm as its founding member.

‘Recurve’s core focus areas are intended to include innovations in technology solutions, artificial intelligence, project management, alternative staffing, novel space innovations and other developing aides for lawyers and clients which do not involve the actual practice of law.’

In particular Recurve will be offering solutions on the Marketplace that combine with HighQ – which was bought by TR some time ago.

TR added that they now had more than 120 solutions, adding about 20 per month to the marketplace, and across 18 categories integrating with different Thomson Reuters products for legal and tax professionals.

Greenberg Traurig Executive Chairman, Richard Rosenbaum, said: ‘Our Recurve range of products uniquely supplement and support traditional legal services, and were always meant to serve the broader legal industry and its clients, not only one law firm. By listing Recurve’s products and services on Thomson Reuters Marketplace, a much wider range of users will be exposed to and ultimately benefit from these tailored resources.’

Also, another development with the marketplace is TR’s Proven Paths, a new capability that ‘helps users identify vetted applications and solutions that seamlessly integrate with Thomson Reuters products and technology to extend their capabilities. Proven Paths guide users through an approach that filters applications and solutions designed to work together, delivering cost savings by reducing research, analysis and maintenance’.

Overall, some more proof that the TR Marketplace idea is catching on, at least with vendors. If this is converting into law firms and clients using these offerings via TR remains to be seen.

TR also announced several updates to HighQ and Thomson Reuters 3E.