Litigation Analytics: Gavelytics Product Walk Through

Litigation analytics has been with us now for some years and one of the pioneers of the space is Gavelytics, which launched in 2016. It’s been busy developing its offering since then and adding more features to the point that it is a veritable platform today.

AL TV caught up with Los Angeles-based founder and CEO, Rick Merrill, who used to be a litigator at Greenberg Traurig, to find out what Gavelytics’ latest version, labelled ‘2.0’, can do.

As you’ll see below, there are a ton of features, but it can be summed up as showing data related to: judges, law firms, and litigants. It also shows case outcomes, as well as judge behaviour, such as what motions they tend to allow, which is core to the offering.

This is not so much about outright case prediction, as giving lawyers an edge in disputes by having a deeper insight into how things might go based on a range of data points about past cases, with those insights grounded in statistics rather than just gut instinct. But, no doubt the best remedy is a mix of both gut and data.

With Gavelytics 2.0 you can also see the underlying sources, e.g. dockets, rulings and legal briefs, that support the analysis, and which now number in the tens of millions of items. And, it’s worth noting, this is for the US at present.

As with many legal tech tools today, this has so many facets it’s useful to watch the AL TV Walk Through to really see what it can do.

In this case the video is about 16 mins approx. Please press play to watch inside the page. Enjoy.

AL TV Productions. March 2021

Thanks to Rick for the walk through.