‘To Us, BRYTER Is What Word Might Be To Law Firms’

No-code decision automation system BRYTER has formed a partnership with international ALSP Cognia Law. Artificial Lawyer caught up with Cognia CEO, Janet Taylor-Hall, to find out some more.

Why do this partnership? How will BRYTER be deployed? 

Cognia is focused on deploying the very best of human and machine capability to deliver our clients future fit legal operating models and services. With an agile strategy to technology, Cognia uses the most adaptive decision flows to plug and play with various other legal tech providers

This provides Cognia with the flexibility to create bespoke use-cases for BAU and project-based workflows from RegReform to a multitude of Contract lifecycle scenarios.

Janet Taylor-Hall, CEO, Cognia Law

How is this different from other partnerships that Cognia has made in the past? 

BRYTER ticks all the boxes in terms of ensuring that Cognia can enable a wider proportion of our legal professionals to embrace digitisation in all that they do by leveraging a sophisticated no-code technology. This empowers all our people to imagine and create the disruption needed to evolve not only our services, but the sector more widely.   

Do ALSPs have a special opportunity to leverage tools such as BRYTER? 

As a leading international law company, we differentiate our advisory, BAU and project offerings by focusing on actionable change and real delivery of human and machine capability. BRYTER provides us with one of the core digitisation enablers to underpin and integrate all that we do for our clients every day whether that’s processing contracts or automating significant reviews and projects. 

This creates a greater opportunity to leverage BRYTER in everything we do and move away from the more traditional approach many law firms use which rely heavily on providing legal advice with some operational services. To us, BRYTER is what Excel is for accountants and Word might be to law firms.

So, there you go, Cognia really sees the no-code decision automation system becoming the nuts and bolts within their offering,

Sam Spivack, Managing Director of BRYTER, (UK), added: ‘Our partnership is designed to enable Cognia Law to service more of their clients’ legal and business needs in a cost-effective and actionable way.’

And, as to Cognia, while readers have all heard of the likes of Elevate, Cognia is also a well-developed ALSP – (and also uses the term ‘law company’). It offers things such as legal managed services, along with consulting services around tech and legal ops, and also flexible resourcing.

It’s got bases all over the world, including in Mauritius – which is one location for process-focused services this site had not seen before – as well as London, New York and Johannesburg.

Cognia Law map.

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